10 Final Fantasy Awakening Tips For Beginners

Final Fantasy Awakening Tips for Beginners
Final Fantasy Awakening Cover

You don’t call yourself a gamer if you are not familiar with Square Enix, one of the most popular game developers, famous with their outstanding series: Final Fantasies.

After their successful series for many gaming consoles, SE started to release various Final Fantasy series for iOS and Android. The most popular ones are Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Mobius Final Fantasy.

Now, in a project with EFun Company, Square Enix finally joins the mainstream genre of online games for smartphones, 3D ARPG (Action Role-Playing Games), and reproduce one of their successful series, Final Fantasy Type-0 with a new name: Final Fantasy Awakening.

Final Fantasy Awakening (FFA) raised a story about 4 territories: Rubrum, Lorican, Concordia, and Milites, which were in a war to fight over each other’s crystal. Released in August 2017, FFA has been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

Interested? Here’s some tips and tricks to play FFA, for newbies.

    • In the beginning of the game, you will choose between 3 types of characters:
      1. WARRIOR – double-blade user
      2. GUNNER – double-gun user
      3. MAGE – magic staff user
    • You can also choose the gender of your character. However, the default setting for the main character is male, so don’t be surprised if the NPC (Non-Playable Characters) refer you as “he/him” even if you choose female as the gender of your main character.
    • Choose your character wisely based on your preference. Please take note that you cannot change job unless you move to different server and create a new character.
  1. HERO
    • You can summon many kinds of hero with different levels of rarity starting with common (green heroes), rare (blue heroes), legendary (orange heroes), and mythic (red heroes).
    • Heroes will be collectable from Hero Summon, or by gathering hero shards through Adventure or Shops.
    • Each hero has a “Bond” with other heroes, so don’t just choose your hero randomly, but collect heroes that have bonds with each other.
    • You will only have 10 slots for your heroes. 4 heroes used as main party, 6 heroes used as support members.
    • Focus on leveling up Orange Heroes (Legendary) so you don’t waste gold and materials.
    • Even if you raise the rarity of common hero into legendary, they will still lose against the actual legendary heroes. So start with heroes with higher rarity level.
    • You can dissolve your unused heroes, but don’t forget to “rebirth” them first as gold and materials used will be returned to you.
    • There are two types of enhancing your hero:
      1. Rank Up
        • To rank up your hero, you will need materials collectable through main story/adventure.
        • You can rank up your main character and heroes up to 24 times (+24). Your ability and strength will be affected greatly.
      2. Star Up
        • To star up your main character, you need to complete the story chapters in adventure mode. At the end of each chapter you will receive Astral Stones used to star up your main character.
        • To star up your heroes, you need to collect their shards. Find the shards in adventure mode and shops. After you collect 4 stars, the rarity of the hero will advance.
        • Starring up your main character and heroes will add/improve their skills.
        • You can also enhance your hero through Awakening, which you can access after you reach higher level.
Final Fantasy Awakening Tips for Newbies
Final Fantasy Awakening Hero
  1. LEVEL
    • It is the utmost importance to level up your main character as more options and menus can be accessed as your character’s level enhances.
    • Just like any other game, you can level up your main character by gathering EXP points.
    • Your hero and equipment level cap are based on the level of your main character. The higher the main character level, the higher the level cap of your hero and equipment level.
    • Leveling up your main character and heroes will also give you chance to improve their skills.
    • Keep focusing on leveling up at least up to Lv. 65 to open all features of the game.
    • Equipment in this game also has rarity level just like their heroes. The level of rarity is the same: common (green equip), rare (blue equip), legendary (orange equip), and mythic (red equip).
    • You can acquire equipment by collecting equipment shards through adventure, shops, and equipment summon.
    • You can start enhancing your equipment even from the start of the game. You don’t need to hesitate because later when you can gather higher level of equipment, you can dissolve your previous equipment and get your gold and materials spent back.
    • Each hero has their own equipment. Make sure you check before equipping your heroes. You can check the compatibility In the heroes info.
Final Fantasy Awakening Tips for Newbies
Final Fantasy Awakening Equipment
    • You can also complete your heroes and characters with accessories and gems.
    • The level of rarity for these two is the same as heroes and equipment.
    • You also need to check the compatibility of your heroes and their accessories and gems before equipping them. Check your hero info.
    • Find friends as many as you can because some missions in this game require the players to help each other. Also, you can send and receive vigor points from each other, with maximum 30 vigor points every day. This vigor point is needed for you to complete some missions (arena, accessory arena, infinite trial, etc.).
    • Join a guild to acquire more guild points used for buying hero shards and materials from guild shop, and many other benefits from guild mission and guild battle.
    • Finish all daily missions you can check from schedule menu before the day ends. You can increase significant amount of battle power through these missions.
    • Don’t forget to talk to Aliya to finish her daily quests also. It may seem boring and trivial, but you can get at least 5000 exp points from her when you finish all her quests.
    • World Boss menu is opened from 8.00-22.00 every day. You play with other players in defeating this boss.
    • Make sure you have maxed your power for the day because you only get 2 free chances to fight this boss every day. If you want to preserve your diamonds for other priorities, you certainly want to get as much damage as possible through this 2 chances.
    • Your accumulative damage will determine the gifts you receive after you finish the chance.
    • Every time the boss dies, they will revive with higher level.
    • There are (for now) 6 kinds of Eidolon you can choose to summon: Odin, Ifrit, Shiva, Golem, Diabolos, and Bahamut (of course!).
    • Each Eidolon has their own requirement in order for you to acquire them. For example, to acquire Diabolos, you have to reach Gear Rating of 200,000.
    • Only Odin is given free in the beginning of the game.
    • You can enhance your Eidolon using Eidolon Power you can get from Team Dungeon and Shops.
    • Be careful in enhancing your Eidolon. Prioritize your Eidolon wisely because unlike equipment/accessories/gems, you cannot get your Eidolon Points back once you use them.
Final Fantasy Awakening Tips for Newbies
Final Fantasy Awakening Diabolos
    • Always check “Benefit” menu every day as you can get so many additional rewards:
      1. Daily Sign-in: each day you will get different reward only from signing in.
      2. 5-star rating: write a review and give 5-star rating for this game and you will get 500 diamonds and 100,000 gold.
  • Pyramid Promotion: each player will have their own invitation code, when another player enters your invitation code, you will get another reward.
  1. Gift for Sharing: Always check this menu and share via Facebook/Twitter/Line, and you will get 100 diamonds every day after you share.
  2. Gift code: get your gift code and you can exchange them with awesome rewards. (Get more after you finish reading this article.)
  3. Collect Energy: Check this menu every lunch (12.00-15.00) and dinner (18.00-21.00) and you will get more energy and (sometimes) diamonds.
  • Shops: There are random shop events you can find to buy rare items and materials with special discounts. Usually the shops change every few days.
Final Fantasy Awakening Tips for Newbies
Final Fantasy Awakening Benefit

So those are basic knowledge you need to know before starting Final Fantasy Awakening. Stay tune in our website to find more interesting tips and tricks.

As promised, here are some gift code you can enter in Benefit menu. Access the menu from Benefits > Gift Code > Type Code > Exchange

  • AE0500100000XAH
  • AR0W00100000B84
  • AQ0V0010000097Q
  • AS0X00100000V8N
  • AT0Y0010000040B
  • AP0U00100000EUV
  • AF0600100000J2M
  • AG07001000003U7
  • AN0T001000005BR

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