11 Final Fantasy Fun Facts Even Fans Do Not Realize

Final Fantasy Fun Facts
Final Fantasy Series Logo

Square Enix with their long-lasting legendary RPG series, the Final Fantasies, has been one of the most successful game developers in the world of online and offline gaming. They recently launched Final Fantasy XV (previously known and Final Fantasy XIII Versus) and in a very short time it has become one of the most popular games played by many different group of players. Behind the successful curtains of the series, there are some interesting Final Fantasy fun facts that we’re not sure all of you realize. Here are some of them:

  1. “FINAL FANTASY” name origin

First Final Fantasy Fun Facts is about the name. Final Fantasy was original named “Fighting Fantasy”. As Squaresoft’s condition worsened at the time, it had reached its lowest point in their company career, this game was their very, VERY last resort. As it was their final project, they changed the name from “Fighting Fantasy” into “Final Fantasy”. The first Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Origin, was released in 1987 for Nitendo console and has managed to reach 400,000 copies in sales, in Japan.

  1. FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN was developed by a team of 7

Believe it or not, Final Fantasy Origin was created and developed by a team consisting of only 7 people. They’re called “The A-Team”.

Final Fantasy Fun Facts
Final Fantasy Origin game play
  1. Opening Theme Song of Final Fantasy VIII used for Swimming Olympics

Opening Theme Song of Final Fantasy VIII, Liberi Fatali, was used by the American Swimming Team as their song for Swimming Olympics in 2004. They won the Bronze for this competition.

  1. The Characters “CID” and “Chocobo”

Next Final Fantasy fun facts is about character CID and Chocobo. Do you think every Final Fantasy has these two characters? Are you a fan? Don’t get your hopes up. You won’t find them in Final Fantasy Origin. They don’t exist. Not yet.

  1. Mateus: Sephiroth’s Runner-Up

The most legendary villain EVER is probably still Sephiroth. However, you probably don’t know that after Sephiroth is Mateus the Emperor, Final Fantasy II Villain. His fans, especially the ones from Japan are almost as many as Sephiroth’s. But then again, who remembers Mr. Number 2?

Final Fantasy Fun Facts
Mateus The Emperor
  1. Final Fantasy VIII’s Parade Dance = Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Remember when Edea stabbed Squall with her ice harpoon? Of course. But wait, go back a few minutes before that when Edea and her oh-so-almighty figure showed up in an oh-so-almighty carriage with “servants” and dancers to support her oh-so-almightiness danced in the parade. Apparently, their dance was inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. Here’s how:

  1. One Winged Angel inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze

You don’t call yourself a fan if you don’t get chills every time Sephiroth shows up, followed by his invisible followers chanting his name. But do you know that this mythical theme song, composed and written by Nobuo Uematsu, was inspired by Purple Haze, sung by Jimi Hendrix?

  1. “Fithos Lusec Wecos Finosec” is an ANAGRAM

Turn on your PS1 (or Emulator), play Final Fantasy VIII, start a new game and these words are the first ones you hear at the beginning of the game. Have you ever wonder what it means? Fithos Lusec Wecos Finosec is actually an anagram from “Succession of Witches” and “Love”. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself!

  1. Final Fantasy XI’s Zidane has a different name in the FFXI French Version

Due to name conflict, Zidane has to endure a name change once he enters France because his name is exactly the same as French soccer player, Zinedine Zidane.

  1. Yuna’s Last Words to Tidus in Final Fantasy X Ending

Every international fan’s heart was crushed every time they watch Final Fantasy X ending, especially when Yuna said to Tidus, “I Love You”. Our hearts melted, our tears fell down, we start to wish that Tidus didn’t go and stayed in Spira with Yuna. However, this might not apply for Japanese fans as in the Japanese version, the words Yuna said were, “Arigatou” or the English translation was “Thank you”. How could you, Square?? How could you??

  1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hidden Message

The last Final Fantasy fun facts is about secret message in Final Fantasy XIII-2. If you pay attention closely, there’s a hidden message in a scene in Final Fantasy XIII-2 that says “Pray for Japan”. This message was estimated to have been created for Japan’s huge earthquake in 2011.

Final Fantasy Fun Facts
FFXIII-2 Hidden Message

Well, NOW you can call yourself a fan as you’ve known all of these facts. And while you’re at it, improve your level as Final Fantasy fans by supporting their newly released online ARPG games for smartphone, Final Fantasy Awakening. You can find the Tips and Tricks for Dummies you will find helpful before your play. Get amazing rewards by entering the gift codes after you read the article.

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