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best stmr ffbeFinal Fantasy Brave Exvius has just had its big update related to the 7 stars units update. After that update, players now can awaken some units into 7 stars units with also some more powerful abilities. There is also a new feature that added along with this 7 stars update which is STMR. In the previous article we have discussed about top 15 best TMR, and now we are going to discuss about STMR. STMR or Super Trust Master Reward is a reward when a unit reaches 100% in their Super Trust Master Reward part. This reward can be in the form of equipment or material (ability). For global version, there are more than 60 units that you can awaken to 7 stars units with some STMR that you can collect. Among those STMR, there are some STMR that you can focus to collect because these STMR have some great additional stats for you unit. So, here are 15 best STMR FFBE worth to farm.

1A Lion's HeartSquallAbility1.55x LB Damage

+3 LB Fills Per Turn
2Dark Sword ArtsDark Knight CecilAbility +30% ATK +100% Equip ATK Bonus When Using One Handed Weapons
3Handbook of the DivineMaritime Strategist NicholRod +16 ATK, +151 MAG, +54 SPR, +15% HP, +15% MPSelf Recover 75% HP/MP
4Imperial ArmorWilhelmHeavy Armor +110 DEF, +110 SPR, +20% HP
5Loyal GeneralBeatrixAbility +50% Equip ATK Bonus When Two-Handing

+10% ATK from Equip when Dual Wielding

+50% ATK When Equipped with a Greatsword
6Lunar Eclipse RodMedienaRod +20 ATK, +20 DEF, +170 MAG, +20 SPR
7Marchenko's SecretsViktor MarchenkoAbility +80% DEF When Equipped with a Heavy Armor

100% Sleep/Paralyze/Confuse/Petrify Resist
8Omega Weapon (FFXIII)LightningSword +176 ATK
9Onion Knight's MissionOnion KnightAbility +80% ATK When Equipped with a Sword

+50% Physical Damage to Reaper
10Reverie Shield (FFT)Mercenary RamzaHeavy Shield +92 DEF, +84 SPR, +20% DEF , +20% SPR
11Shield of the Chosen KingGladiolusAbility +30% DEF, +50% HP +100% DEF When HP Falls Below 80% Every Turn
12White LotusLotus Mage FinaAbilityAuto Cast ST +80% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR Every Turn

ST 2900 HP Heal With 1.2X Mod Every Turn

Recover 12% MP per Turn

+2 LB Fills Per Turn
13Winged HeartRinoaAbility100% All Status Ailments Resist

+60% Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind Resist

Cast Winged Heart(50% Charm Resist) at battle start
14Witch's CackleLivid ShantottoAbility +80% MAG When Equipped with a Rod

Recover 5% MP per Turn
15Zantetsuken (FFBE)Pyro Glacial LasswellKatana +174 ATK +50% LB Fill Rate, +10% Esper Stats


Those are top 15 best STMR FFBE that worth to farm. You can increase the STMR percentage by doing these things:
1. Combine your 7 stars unit with an identical 5 stars unit. Each identical unit will increase 50% STMR percentage. You will also be rewarded a 50% Trust Moogle.
2. Combine your 7 stars unit with another identical 7 stars unit. By combining two identical 7 stars units, the STMR percentage will increase into 100%. (No Trust Moogle reward).

By knowing about these 15 best STMR FFBE you will not waste your time and materials for some unworthy Super Trust Master Rewards.

Hope this article will be very helpful for you.

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