5 Most Important PUBG Mobile Guides for Beginners

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Download PUBG MobilePlayer Unknowns Battleground (PUBG) is a Battle Royale game released by PUBG Corporation. PUBG is now available on mobile device for Android and IOS user. You can download it here. For some players who have been playing PUBG in the PC or Xbox probably have already known this PUBG gameplay. Since this game was released for mobile device, there must be a lot people who are new in this game and they will face other pro players who have been playing this game for a long time. So, here are some PUBG Mobile guides for beginners.

  1. PUBG Mobile Guides #1 – “CONTROL

  • This PUBG Mobile is a mobile game. It has a very different control with the PC or Xbox version. This one uses touchscreen control for the game, so customize your own control setting before you start your game.
  • Customize your screen control setting and adjust the position and the menu of your screen control that will appear in your control screen. You can also set the transparency of your control screen menu.
  • Control setting can be accessed from the setting menu on the top right corner home screen. There are a lot of setting that you can customized in this menu. Make sure you go to the every section and adjust them as convenient as you like.

    PUBG Mobile guides
    PUBG Mobile guides Control
  • Turn on the Auto settings menu such as Auto Sprint (The icon will appear when you start to run), Free Look (It is very useful menu. You can look around while you are running, so you can keep an eye of your surrounding), Auto Loot (You will automatically pick up essential item when you get near the items). This Auto settings will help you a lot.
  • Adjust your Graphic setting according to your device capability. If you have a low spec device, we suggest you to maximize the performance rather than the appearance. So set your graphic setting to low, and your FPS setting to high. It will make the game to play more smoothly.

    PUBG Mobile guides
    PUBG Mobile Control
  • Turn on the sound. NEVER play this game in a silent mode. Beside your eye, you also need to use your ear to know your surroundings. You have to pay attention to the sound surround you such as gun shot and footsteps. By knowing the sound around you, you can anticipate your enemies and plan out an attack.
  1. PUBG Mobile Guides #2 – “DROP

  • The battle actually start since you dropped from the plane. From this part you should have used your strategy.
  • Choose your drop location carefully. Choose an area that has at least a building so you can start loot your equipment. You should avoid to drop in favorite place because there are also a lot of players who choose that place to grab some equipment. This favorite place usually a place with a lot of building and located near the middle part of the map.

    PUBG Mobile guides
    PUBG Mobile guides parachute
  • After you dropped from the plane and you are in the falling process, dive yourself by tapping up on the direction screen, so you can land faster. You should also do this when you are in parachute to make yourself land faster. The faster you land, the faster you will loot for equipment.
  1. PUBG Mobile Guides #3 – “ LOOTING”

  • After you land from the plane, go inside the building and start to find some equipment inside the building.
  • Do not be picky on the equipment. Just pick every equipment that you see. It is better to have a hand gun rather than using your fist. Once you have couple of weapons you can start choosing which weapon you want to use.

    PUBG Mobile guides
  • If you see a box with death sign on it, you have to be very careful if you want to pick it up. That box contains some equipment that dropped from other players after they are killed. Some players use that box as a bait while they are hiding and ready to kill you. You can also use this strategy to lure your opponents.
  • You can equip yourself with weapon, armor, helmet, bag, and medical kit. There are many kind of weapon you can choose, from a hand gun to a long range weapon. For the armor there are 3 level of armor. The higher the level, the tougher the armor is. This condition also works for helmet, and bag. You can upgrade them up to 3 level.
  1. PUBG Mobile Guides #4 – “BATTLE”

  • Check the mini map as often as you can. If you hear a gunfire, you should check your mini map and find the RED arrow. That red arrow is your enemy. By knowing where your enemy position is, you can anticipate their attack.
  • If you are attacked and you have nowhere to hide, instead of panicking and start to run, you should face your enemy and try to turn the table. It is a matter of skills and luck. It is just a Flight or Fight. (Assuming you have a weapon on you).
  • Pay attention to the safe zone circle and the time countdown. Check your mini map for the safe zone location. You can also put some marks in the mini map, so it will give you direction to the targeted location. A vehicle will be very useful to go to the safe zone instead of running.
  • Be careful when you arrive in the new safe zone that has been shrunk. There may be some players waiting there to ambush you.

  • When you are moving to the new safe zone, avoid to run in the open field. Find path that has some things to hide such as buildings or trees.
  • If you hear a plane flying overhead that is going to drop a crate consist of some equipment, do not go there in a rush. Instead of running for the crate, you should wait near the location and prepare for an ambush on whoever ended up with the equipment. Basically this CRATE DROP event is made so the players will face each other and start the battle.
  1. PUBG Mobile Guides #5 – “PRACTICE

  • Team up with your friends or join a squad for a battle. “Two is better than one”. By playing with your friends, you can create a strategy and also train your skills.
  • Keep playing. By playing as many times as possible, it will increase your skills and awareness in the game.

Those are some PUBG Mobile guides for beginners who have just playing this Battle Royale game. Hope this guides will help you to become a pro in this game.


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