8 Lumia Saga Basic Guide

Lumia Saga Basic Guide

Lumia Saga Basic GuideA new MMORPG open world Lumia Saga has become one of the most anticipated movie on July. For now, the game is available in Korean Language, and will be released for global version on July. Many people have been waiting for the global version since this game announced. So, before you go for the game you need to know some basic things in this Lumia Saga. Here are Lumia Saga basic guide you need to know.

  1. Class:Lumia Saga Basic Guide

There will be 5 basic classes: Knight, Mage, Guardian, Scholar and Archer. When you reach level 30 you can change class from your current class to another advance class. You can change class anytime you want with 120 minutes (2 hours) Cooldown. After you reach level 50 you have to pay, so you have to decide your main class before you reach level 50. If you want to know more about the class, you can visit here.

  1. Equipment:Lumia Saga Basic Guide Lumia Saga Basic Guide

In this game, equipment will be a major thing for your character’s strength. Try to get some high level equipment from monster and quests. You can also modify the appearance of your equipment, increase your equipment’s strength and add some additional skills by putting monster’s emblem on your equipment. You can get this emblem from killing wild monsters. You can add maximum three emblems on your equipment.

  1. Skill: Lumia Saga Basic Guide

Upgrade your skill level to get better skill effect and also to unlock some new advance skills. You can choose which skills you want to upgrade manually according to your character role. There are also survival skills like Forging, Mining, fishing, and crafting beside the combat skills. This skill will be used to finish the quests.

  1. Stone Enhancement:Lumia Saga Basic Guide

You can enhance your equipment by using enhancement stone. Blue stone is used for enhancing your equipment from level 1 to 40, and the Purple Stone is for level 40+. You can obtain the stone by finishing some quest, or from finishing rift.

  1. Collection Book:Lumia Saga Basic Guide

There will be a collection book feature to keep your journey. This book will record your achievement like reached level, encountered monsters, finished quests, photo collection, etc. And by unlocking the achievement, you will get additional status that will strengthened your character.

  1. Quests:

There will be 3 types of quests:

  • Main Quests (RED)
  • Daily Quests (GREEN)
  • Side Quests (BLEE)
  • Special Quests (PURPLE)
  1. Pets:

You can also find pet system in this game. Try to choose pet that is suitable with your character’s role because pet also give additional stats and effect to your character

  1. Auto System:

In this game, you can use the auto system to finish your quest. This auto system will help your character to move to the related quests like killing monster, collecting items, or talking to NPC. Besides, there is also auto combat system if you want to do AFK and leave your character to kill some monster and increase their level. But you have to pay attention to the EXP limitation. There will be EXP gaining limitation for each day.

Those are 8 Lumia Saga basic guide you need to know before you play this game. After reading this guide, I hope you can decide what steps you will take when you play this game and enjoy playing this game.

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  1. I have problem with the quest with Catherine on level 14.why can’t I complete it…

  2. how to get a skill book for swordsman?

    • You can get it from trading, Guild Chief, old Captain’s Treasury Diary, or Treasure Hunt

  3. I’m currently Lv 45 and I want to know if I can still change main class from Adjudge to Warrior or Mage. I though Adjudge was the damage dealer, but was actually a tank.

    • I think, it is not possible. You can create another character for the damage dealer, and I suggest you to choose either Swordsman, Mage or Scholar.

  4. Please teach me how to unlock profession . I’ve been searching to accomplish Quest Leoncy but I can’t identify what are quest leoncy.

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