8 Most Unusual Phobia

unusual phobia
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unusual phobia
image credit: cbsnews.com

Everyone may have heard about phobia. Phobia is an exaggerated and irrational fear of a specific object or situation. There are many kind of phobias that people can experience. Some of them are even rare or unusual. Here are some unusual phobia that people have.

  1. Deipnophobia

The first unusual phobia is Deipnophobia. Deipnophobia is a phobia or a fear of dinner or eating with other people. When they have to have dinner with other people, they expect to have dinner in silence and avoiding conversation. In order to avoiding their phobia, people with Deipnophobia tend to eat alone and in silence. When the symptoms come, they will have a panic attack, nausea, shaking, sweating, or depression. Deipnophobia can be caused by childhood traumatic experiences. This phobia also related to social anxiety disorder. The word deiphnophobia is from Greek, Deipno means dining or dinner and phobia means fear.

  1. Somniphobia

Somniphobia is a phobia or a fear of going to sleep. This phobia also related to Hypnophobia (fear of sleep or of being hypnotized). Some experts called this phobia as a chronic insomnia which caused by a fear of sleep. People with somniphobia are afraid to go to sleep because of several things like nightmares, sleepwalking, death, talk in the sleep, and sleep paralysis. This phobia can lead to a lack of sleep and cause negative impact on mental and physical health. People with somniphobia will get an excessive fatigue, low immune system, emotional, mood swings, panic attacks, and any other negative impacts.

  1. Ephebiphobia

The next unusual phobia is Ephebiphobia. Ephebiphobia is a phobia or a fear of youth. People with ephebiphobia tend to have bad experiences with teenagers. They think that teenagers are stubborn, manipulative, impulsive, violence, and have rude behavior. People with ephebiphobia may develop symptoms of anxiety when faced with a teen. They may feel threatened and try to avoid having interaction with them.

  1. Oneirogmophobia

Oneirogmophobia is a phobia or a fear of wet dreams. This phobia is most common in adolescent male, since wet dreams is part of the puberty that happen at their age. People with oneirogmophobia will feel guilty and ashamed every time they have wet dreams. People with this phobia usually come from a very religious family backgrounds or family where sexuality is suppressed or not discussed. They will immediately wash their clothes and hide it from their parents after having wet dreams because they think they have done something wrong.

  1. Anuptaphobia

Anuptaphobia is a phobia or fear of staying single. This phobia usually caused by childhood traumatic experiences like denial of parents and not enough social activities with others. People with anuptaphobia tend to always in a relationship and they even stick in a bad relationship as long as they are not single. The opposite of anuptaphobia is gamophobia.

  1. Gamophobia

Gamophobia is a phobia or fear of commitment, in relationship or marriage. People with gamophobia think that their relationship will not be successful. This phobia can be caused by personal insecurity, parents’ divorce, parents fight, betrayal from partner, previous relationship failure, lack of self-confident on marriage, or lack of sexual confidence. People with gamophobia may love a person, but when it comes to a relationship, they tend to avoid it.

  1. Ombrophobia

Ombrophobia is a phobia or fear of rain. Many children are known to suffer more of this phobia than adults. People with this ombrophobia will have some symptoms like shaking, panic attack, want to hide, or even screaming and crying when they see rain. These people may have been told that going into the rain would make them sick, or had traumatic experiences like flood, landslide, or building collapse because of the rain.

  1. Nomophobia

The last unusual phobia is Nomophobia. Nomophobia is a phobia or fear of being without mobile phone or being unable to use mobile phone (No-mo-pho-bia → No Mobile Phone Phobia). People who suffer this Nomophobia will feel anxious or distress when they are unable to use their mobile phone. These people will always check their phone, will react aggressively when they cannot find their phone, cannot sleep without it, use the phone in the middle of conversation, even breaking some rules to be able to use the phone. People who suffer this phobia most, are people that ages between 17 years old to 28 years old.

Those are 8 unusual phobia that people may have. Enjoy.

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