All Dawn of Isles Characters Skills

Dawn of Isles is a new MMORPG Open World and Survival game from Netease, Inc. Just like any other MMORPG game, you can choose your character and role in this game. So far In Dawn of Isles, you can choose between 4 characters Warrior, Ranger, Dancer, and Warmage. These characters has their own skills and element. Some of the skills can be combined to perform new skills that give extra effect to your skills. In this article we will discuss about all Dawn of Isles characters skills that you can find.

  1. Warriornew MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles

    • Blazing TrailDawn of Isles characters skills

Unleashes a Blazing Trail at the enemy. Receives Fire Bless (Add fire element to the basic attack)

Cooldown: 7.0 Seconds

Element: FIre

  • Fearless Leap

Leaps and smashes the ground destructively. Also creates a Fissure area that continuously reduces the movement speed of the enemy within.

Cooldown: 10.0 Seconds

Element: Fire

  • Blazing Leap (Combination skill)

This skill is a combination skill between Blazing Trail and Fearless Leap. This skill will create a Firefield upon landing that inflicts additional DMG and create burning area. In order to perform this skill you have to cast Blazing skill first so you will receive Fire Bless, then you cast Fearless Leap to the area that you want to create the burning area.

Element: Fire

  1. Ranger new MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles

    • Tidal ArrowDawn of Isles characters skills

Fires Tidal Arrow to create a flood area, inflicting Wet to enemies in the area.

Cooldown: 9.0 Seconds

Element: Water

  • Hurricane Kick

Flashes to a target spot, leaves a Windstorm and flashes back immediately. The Windstorm will slow nearby enemy temporarily and reduces their movement speed.

Cooldown: 12.0 Seconds

Element: Wind

  • Ice Storm

This skill is a combination skill between Windstorm and Ranger’s basic attack. This skill will create Ice Storm that increase DMG by 20% and inflicts Cold. In order to perform this skill, you have to cast Windstorm first, then do the basic attack. Ranger’s third basic attack contains ice element that will create the Ice Storm.

  • Rainstorm (Combination skill)

This skill is a combination skill between Tidal Arrow and Hurricane Kick. This skill will create Rainstorm that increase DMG by 16% and inflicts Wet. In order to perform this skill, you have to cast Tidal Arrow first, then at the Tidal Arrow effect you cast the Hurricane Kick

Element: Wind and Water

  1. Dancernew MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles

    • Vicious FlowerDawn of Isles characters skills

Summons a bunch of toxic flowers to poison and deal continuously damage to enemies in specific location.

Cooldown: 8.0 Seconds

Element: Poison

  • Lithe Phantom

Tosses petals to attack enemies while healing teammates. When petals reach the end, a healer phantom will be conjured to assist the Dancer.

Cooldown: 12.0 Seconds

Element: Heal, Poison

  • Phantom Chain Healing (Combination Skill)

This skill is a combination skill between Lithe Phantom and Vicious Flower. This skill will give you healing chain that will heal you and your allies including the pet. In order to perform this skill, you have to cast Lithe Phantom skill first, then cast the Vicious Flower skill.

Element: Heal

  1. Warmagenew MMORPG Open world Dawn of isles

    • Meteorite

Summon meteor shower to strike a specific location. Dealing additional Elemental DMG based on weapon enhancement.

Cooldown: 7.0 Seconds

Element: Fire

  • Moon Sweep

Gain Ice Enchantment and sweep twice, dealing Water DMG and creates an ice bunch. This skill will change the element of Fire skill to Ice. Cast any ice skill will consume the Ice Enchantment then turn the element back into Fire.

Cooldown: 7.0 Seconds

Element: Water, Ice

Those are all Dawn of Isles characters skills that you can play. This skills are based on the current game version, and will be updated along with the newest version.

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  1. best attribute for warmage is spell and dex?

  2. hi is there any way that the skill will have fast cool down? thanks!

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