All Down of Isles Elemental Spirit Location (35/52)

Elemental Spirit Location

Elemental Spirit LocationDawn of Isle, a new MMORPG Open World by Netease is very fun to play. There are many interesting features that you can find in this game. One of them is Collecting Elemental Spirits. You can find 52 Elemental Spirits on each island and these elemental spirits are spread all around the map. Some of them can easily be found by passing through it, some need certain action to reveal those elemental spirits. You can buy some clues for the location of these Elemental Spirits from NPC Pablo (Message Dealer), and you can only buy one clue each day for certain areas. Some players find this Elemental Spirits Collecting is very challenging, and they want to challenge themselves by collecting it themselves. Some players don’t want to waste their time with this challenge, and just looking for guide about the Dawn of Isles Elemental Spirit Location.

In this article, we will provide you the Dawn of Isles Elemental Spirit location for those who need it. The location of the Elemental Spirit will be updated frequently right after we find the new one. For now we have found 35 elemental spirits.


  • Some Elemental Spirits can only be found by doing some actions like cutting the tree, bush, hit stone, or talk to strange monster.

So here is the location of the Elemental Spirits so far.

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