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Arcana Tactics is a new tactic game developed by Gameevil and it is available for Android and IOS platform. Previously, this game is only available in Korean Version, but on january 2020 this game released its English version. Regarding the Global or English version release, the developer also provide all new players with many rewards like pre-registration rewards, redeem code rewards and etc. These rewards will help you alot with your adventure in this Arcana Tactics journey. Some rewards like pre-registration or maintanance rewards will directly sent to your mail, and you can claim it by accessing the mail menu. As for the redeem code rewards, you have to manually put the code into the redeem code menu. Since these rewards will be very helpful for the beginner players, in this article, we will provide you with Arcana Tactics redeem code so you can put the correct code to claim your redeem code rewards.

NOTE: Some code has an expiration date to claim, so make sure you put the code before that.

So, here is the list of Arcana Tactics redeem code:

How to claim the redeem code?

There are two ways to redeem the code. It is by directly clicking the link provided above, or by put the code manually. If you want to input the code manually you can:

  • Enter the game
  • Go to the setting menu (Top right corner right beside mailbox)
  • Go to “INFO” tab
  • Tap “NEW” menu
  • On Event Menu, Choose second tab (Enter Your Promo Code Here)
  • Enter the code

You can enter these codes:

  • reward0309at
  • love10arcana
  • gold500000
  • 0316gold50000
  • arcanadiscord

Those are the list of Arcana Tactics redeem code that available so far. We will update it soon after we get a new one. For more information, you can also follow the Arcana Tactics facebook page or join their discord channel.

Facebook Page:
Discord Channel:

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