Arknights Reroll Guide

Arknights, a new Tower Defense game for Android and IOS is now available for Global and you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store. This game is not only a tower defense game but also a hero collecting game with an interesting storyline. In a Hero Collecting game, you have to find your best heroes or units as your starter team and you can collect them through Summoning or Gacha. However, it is not easy to get the best units for your starter team and you have to do some reroll. Besides, you also have to prepare some spare accounts until you get your best unit. If that is the case, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we provide you an Arknights reroll guide without creating many accounts.

  1. Enter the game by using a guest account.Arknights reroll guide
  2. Finish the tutorial until you are able to access the main screen (When you reach stage 0-1, you can skip the battle by retreating the battle and go to the home).Arknights reroll guide
  3. Claim the pre-registration gift in your mailbox.
  4. After you claim the gift, you will be able to do 10-summon once. (Exclusive Headhunting Service Banner, Guarantee 6* unit)Arknights reroll guide
  5. If you don’t get the unit that you want, exit the game.
  6. Go to your phone setting, clear the Arknights data.
  7. Then again, go to the Phone setting → Google → Ads → Reset advertising ID. (By doing this, it will also reset your guest account)Arknights reroll guide
  8. Enter the game again (unfortunately, you have to re-download the game data again but I think the size is quite small)
  9. Repeat step 1 until you get the units that you want (We recommend you to get at least 1- 6stars unit, and 1- 5stars unit)
  10. After you get the units that you want, you can then bind your account to your Gmail account from the setting menu.

Those are the Arknights reroll guide without creating many accounts. If you need some guide on the recommended unit to get, you can also visit here.


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