Aura Kingdom 2 is Available Now

Aura Kingdom 2 is Available

Aura Kingdom 2 is AvailableFor those who have played Grand Fantasia, Twin Saga, and Aura Kingdom, would definitely be familiar with this game. Yes, behold the Aura Kingdom 2, one of the best medieval MMORPG is available now for Android and IOS.

After several challenges in their mobile game products, X-Legend Entertainment managed to prove their relentlessness. They have now returned to the international gaming market with a state-of-the-art MMORPG, Aura Kingdom 2.

The game is scheduled to launch officially on April 15, 2020, but you can join the pre-registration event starting from now. By doing so, you will be able to receive various rewards including 500 gems, an additional Eidolon (Valk, Mo, or Serville), and an exclusive one, Stacy! These rewards are, of course, accompanied by several other exciting rewards from the achievement milestones.

So, how do you join the pre-registration event? It’s easy peasy, actually! You can search for Aura Kingdom 2 on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, then you just need to tap on the pre-register button.

Alternatively, you can just go directly to the official website of the game, click the pre-register event button and sign up using your social media accounts and email address. Moreover, you will also get additional rewards by inviting friends to join the game.

Aura Kingdom 2 will be one of the most highly-expected MMORPGs these years because of its wide variety of features. Four classes are available for this game: Dragoon, Shinobi, Elementalist, and Nymph.

Aura Kingdom 2 also offers a unique Eidolon feature, where they play as your partner in combat. These Eidolons will not only aid you with important buffs, but also play important roles in the storyline, with their own different stories. Unravel these stories will definitely give you another great challenge!

What is more, as you go deep within the game, you will be able to find different quests and plays, from simple mob quests, tower defenses, transforming and fighting as your Eidolons, to more complex quests like raids and real-time combats.

As for you who prefers playing game with fancy costumes, you can rest assured because Aura Kingdom 2 will give you unlimited possibilities of your own unique costumes using their dye systems to customize your outfits. Amazing, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Join the pre-registration now!


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