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Battle of Blades
Battle of Blades Cover

Square Enix is going to release their new mobile game “Battle Of Blades” for android and IOS user. After their success in Final Fantasy Series and their RPG (Role Playing Game) Games now Square Enix is going to release Battle Of Blades which is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) as its genre. In this game, players have to team up with their friends and in a team consist of 4 player. This game is a 4 versus 4 MOBA game.

In this Battle of Blades game, our job is to take control of the map against enemy’s team in 3 minutes. There is also Boss in this game that we can fight named Darkness. As we know, in some MOBA games there are several kind of heroes that we can play. In this game there are also several heroes with their own unique skills that we can play. There are Attacker, Mage, Tank, and Support. Not only that, Square also put a skill tree system so players can choose their own skill to be enhanced. Until now, there are 60 heroes that you can get from Story Mode, Events, and Gacha.

Battle of Blades
Battle of Blades Battle


Battle of Blades
Battle of Blades Boss Battle
Battle of Blades
Battle Blades Skill Tree

Battle of Blades also has a story mode for players who feel bored with 4 vs 4 game mode. In this Story mode, players can obtain some new heroes, weapons and some accessories. There are 8 kind of weapons that we can use which are Sword, Great Sword, Dual Wield, Spear, Gun, Bow, Staff, and Fist. Each weapon also has their own Limit Break. The rarity of Heroes, Weapons, and Accessories distinguished by Stars. Items that have 4 or 5 stars get additional Limit Break.


Game terbaru square enix battle of blade
Battle of Blades Story
Battle of Blades
Battle of Blades Characters

Beside Story Mode there are also several menus in PVP Mode which are Death Match, Capture the Flags and Raid Boss.

Square Enix is going to release this game on January 2018, and now this game is still in Pre-Register. If you want to join this Pre-Register Event you can access this through its official page.

Official Page

Battle of Blades Trailer + Gameplay

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