BDM Basic Guide for Beginners

Black Desert Mobile (BDM) has finally released its English version. Some players are very excited about this game and want to try this game right after the release. This game was previously released for Korean, and many players played it in the Korean version. For you who are new in this game, you may need some guides about this game so you can catch up with the other players. So, here is the BDM basic guide for beginners you need to know.

CharacterBDM Basic Guide

  • There are 5 classes so far, those are: Warrior (Balance, both attack and Defend), Hunter (DPS, High Physical Attack), Witch (DPS, High Magic Attack) Giant (Tank, High Defense), and Valkyrie (Balance and Support)
  • It is a gender – locked, so you can’t change the gender of each class. They are Male Warrior, Female Hunter, Female Witch, Male Giant, and Female Valkyrie.
  • You can customize the appearance of your character and the customization is very cool. You can customize the eyes, nose, lips, even the hair shape.BDM Basic Guide
  • You can create up to 6 characters in one account and all characters will share the same family name. Three slots are free, and you need Character Slot Expansion Coupon to unlock the other three slots.
  • Your characters’ strength will be measured by CP (Combat Point)


  • You can equip your character with some gears like Main Weapon, Sub-Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Shoes, and Accessories (Ring, Necklace, Earrings, Belt, Bracelet)
  • The grade of the equipment is divided into six grades: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Red. White is the lowest grade and Red is the highest grade. The higher the grade is, the better the stat they have.
  • You can get the equipment from:
    • Drop from field monster hunt (Small Chance)
    • Buy it from the market (Quite expensive)
    • Craft at the Blacksmith (Complete main story and build blacksmith in your camp)
    • Gacha from Shakatu’s gear shop (requires Ancient gold coins). You can get the Ancient Gold Coins from Field hunting, Boss Rush and Ruins.
  • You can enhance your equipment by using Black Stone. Different grades of Black Stones will have different rates and costs.
  • There is a possibility of failure when you enhance your equipment, but you can recover the enhancement probability by spending silver, using enhancement pass or using memory fragments.
  • For accessories, you can enhance your accessories by using an identical item and there is also a possibility of failure when you enhance them.
  • There are some bonus effects when your equipment reaches a certain level of enhancement. For example, you will get bonus Attack +3 when all of your gear reach enhancement +15 or above)
  • You can transfer the enhancement level to another gear with a certain transfer rate depends on the grade of the gear. You can increase the rate by using Cron Stones and remember, once the enhanced gear is transferred, it will be gone.
  • You can equip your gears with Magic Crystal. The higher the grade of the Crystal is, the better the stat they have. Fuse three Crystals of the same grade into a new higher grade Crystal.BDM Basic Guide
  • You can obtain Crystals from field hunting, buying from NPC, or dungeon (Rune, and Boss Rush)
  • Choose your equipment that has the most suitable stat with your class.


  • Increase your level in order to unlock some new features that will help you increase your strength.
  • The fastest way to increase your level is by finishing the quests. Focus on your Main quests, because it gives you high EXP and also some features requires you to finish a certain main quest. For example, the camp feature will be unlocked when you defeat the Red Nose Boss monster. Besides, your Black Spirit level will also increase along with the Main Quest.
  • You can also increase your level by doing life skills (Foraging, Logging, Mining, Fishing), dungeon (Boss Rush, Ancient Rune), or field hunting.

Black Spirit

    • The Black Spirit feature is an interesting feature in this Black Desert Mobile game. Your journey will be accompanied by a Black Spirit and it can also increase your strength.
    • Increase your Black Spirit level by absorbing your equipment or using Condensed Black Energy.BDM Basic Guide
    • The higher your Black Spirit level is the more bonus CP you will get. Besides, when the Black Spirit reaches a certain level, you can also unlock some interesting features.
    • Equip your Black Spirit with Lightstone. These Lightstone will give you additional effects and stats that will strengthen your character.
    • You can get the Lightstone from field hunting, dungeon (Boss Rush, and Ancient Ruin), or buy the fragments in Pearl Shop.
    • Just like the Magic Crystal, you can fuse three Lightstone of the same grade into a new higher grade Lightstone.
    • Take the Black Spirit quests every day to get tickets for Boss Rush and Ancient Ruin. You can take up to three Black Spirit quests a day.
    • Black Spirit Mode: in this Black Spirit Mode, you can ask the Black Spirit to do a certain task like Hunting, Gathering, or Fishing while you are offline. The Black Spirit will keep collecting for up to 3 hours or until your inventory reaches 200% capacity. Use this feature when you are about to off the game. BDM Basic Guide

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