BDM Basic Guide for Beginners

Shop and Market

  • You can find anything you need at the Shop, but most of them require you to spend real money and do recharge. So, what about a free player? You can still find some interesting stuff in this Shop.
  • For your information, there are 3 types of in-game currencies:
    • Silver: Silver can be obtained from field hunting, quests reward, selling items, etc. This currency is the easiest currency to get.
    • Black Pearl: Black Pearl can be obtained from finishing the daily tasks, completing achievement and selling equipment.
    • White Pearl: White Pearl can be obtained by recharge.
  • You need to pay attention to some menus in the Shop like; Talish’s Shop, Addons and Social&Mileage.
  • In Talish’s Shop, you can find some useful stuff, and fortunately, you can buy it by using Silver.BDM Basic Guide
  • The second one is in the Addons menu. In this menu, you can get a free accessory and if you are lucky, you can find some rare accessory and you can sell it at the market with a much higher price.BDM Basic Guide
  • The last one is the Social&Mileage menu. In this menu, you can spend your social token to buy a chest consist of Boss Stamp, Ancient Tablet, Restoration Scroll, Poor Black Stone, Fair Feed and Random Seed.
  • In the market, you can buy some equipment you need, and you can also sell it. Some of them can be purchased using silver, and some using black pearl.


  • Knowledge feature is like a diary book of your journey. By collecting the knowledge, you will get additional permanent stats. These stats are not only for your characters but also for your workers.BDM Basic Guide
  • You can collect the knowledge by killing certain monsters, talking to NPCs, or find the hidden knowledge. For more information about the hidden knowledge, you can go to the knowledge menu, Learn More, then go to Tip.


  • The camp feature will be unlocked after you defeat the first boss “Red Nose” in the main story.
  • In your camp, you can hire some workers that will help you collect the materials and build some buildings that will help you a lot.BDM Basic Guide
  • The type of building you can build will depend on the progress of your main story or requires certain buildings to reach a certain level.
  • Upgrade your buildings as soon as possible.

Mount and Pet

  • For now, there is only one type of mount in this game, which is a horse. You can tame a horse in the area that has Wild Horse Capture Area sign. For more information about how to tame a horse, you can visit here.
  • You can combine two Max Level horses of the same tier to get another higher tier horse.
  • When you go to the area that has Wild Horse Capture sign, go for it and try to catch as many horses as you can.
  • Catch the horses, level them up, and then combine them to a new higher tier horse.
  • For Pet, so far there are 3 kinds of pets. Those are dogs, cats, and birds.
  • You will be given a dog pet as your first pet, and you need white pearls to get another one. Or if you’re lucky, someone will sell it in the market, and you can buy it using silver.
  • Just like mount, if you want to get a higher tier pet, you need to max its level then you combine it with a pet of the same tier.

PK Mode

  • There is a PK (Player Killing) mode in this Black Desert game. In this game, they call it Outlaw Mode.BDM Basic Guide
  • You can active the Outlaw Mode from the menu beside the map. When it is activated, you have to wait 10 min before you deactivate it.
  • When you are in Outlaw Mode, you will get additional Buff: Combat EXP +5%, Field item Drop Rate +5%.
  • Use this Outlaw Mode when you want to go for field hunting to collect some items. You can go for a quiet area, find the best spot, then you can hunt with additional Buff (Combat EXP +5%, Field item Drop Rate +5%).

Those are some tips of the BDM basic guide for beginners. I hope with this guide, you can compete with other players at the beginning of the game.

Thank You

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BDM Basic Guide

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