Blade and Soul Revolution AVAILABLE NOW!

Blade and Soul revolution available now

Blade and Soul revolution available now


Blade and Soul Revolution available now to download via Google Play and Apple App stores!

If you have previously pre-registered for the game, you can claim various amazing rewards, including a cute Pet and 1,000 Black Crystal!

Blade and Soul Revolution is a martial-arts action MMORPG published by the prominent Korean gaming company, Netmarble Corporation.

With a fantastic 3D cinematic story, you will be able to enjoy a more realistic battle in your vengeance against the villain, Jinsoyun, who has massacred the entire Heaven’s Reach, including your master and fellow brethren.

Furthermore, Blade and Soul Revolution features windwalking ability, where you can dash and sprint across the open playing field. Relish on the game’s beautiful scenery and feel how liberating it is to windwalk through the land, sky, and water.

Play according to your own gaming preference and strategy because Blade and Soul Revolution also offers four different classes:

  • Blade Master who wields swords,
  • Kung Fu Master who fights bare hands using their gauntlets,
  • Destroyer who protects the party using a giant ax, and
  • the grand Force Master who uses their chi to attack multiple enemies at a distance.

Choose your class according to your taste of difficulties, as well as your gaming style. Unleash different skill combinations as you move around, just like how you would do in a fighting game, and deliver your powerful blow to beat Jinsoyun!

On the other hand, if you prefer playing with your friends in a virtual community, Blade and Soul Revolution also enables you to join clans. These clans are formed to help out factions in their Faction War: a strategic battle between Cerulean and Crimson. This war will be extremely massive, with up to 500 players participating for each server in real-time battle inside an open field.

Download Blade and Soul Revolutions now and be one of the first veterans in this martial-arts action MMORPG! And don’t forget to join their events to obtain even more charming rewards!


Official SIte: Blade and Soul Revolution

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