Blade & Soul 2 is Available Now

Blade & Soul 2 is Available Now

Blade & Soul 2 is available now, and you can download it directly from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or visit the official site for the PC Version.

Blade & Soul 2 is a new cross-platform MMORPG Open World available for Android, IOS, and PC platform that is developed by NCSOFT. This game is a sequel of Blade & Soul launched in 2012 for PC platform, and another Blade & Soul game for mobile beside Blade & Soul Revelation.

This Blade & Soul brings the original story, races, class, and weapon of the classic Blade & Soul PC Version, with some additional unique actions and great graphic. So far, there are three races available (Jin, Gon and Lynn). For the weapon, you can choose one of these six interesting weapons like Gauntlets, Sword, Bangle, Axe, Bow, and Bell. However, theses six weapons have different unique skills and actions, so choose a weapon that most suitable with your gameplay. For example, if you like a close range combat, you can choose Gauntlets, Sword, or Axe as your weapon. But, if you like a range attack, you can choose Bangle, Bow or Bell as your weapon.


After a long wait, unfortunately this Blade & Soul 2 will be officially released only for South Korean Region and it requires a South Korean account to download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But, if you are interested in this game and you don’t have a South Korean account, you can download the APK from the taptap (link provided below).

If you need further information related to this game, you can also visit the Blade & Soul 2 official link

Download Link:
Google Play Store
Apple App Store
Tap tap

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