Blade Xlord English Version is Available Now


Blade-xlord-english-versionBlade Xlord English version is available now. Blade Xlord is a new Action RPG portrait game for Android and IOS users that is developed by Applibot. Previously this game was available only in the Japanese version, but now you can download the English version in the Google Play or Apple Store. Unfortunately, for now, it is only available in US regions.

Blade Xlord has a very great graphic and also an interesting story-line. If you ever play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or Last Cloudia, It has the same artwork with them, and also similar gameplay. It is because they have the same Director, Hisatoshi Hayakashi.

In addition, Blade Xlord is not only an adventure game but also a hero collecting game. As you know, in a hero collecting game you need to do some Gatcha in order to get the heroes, and you will be very dependent on your luck. However, if you do the Gatcha in this Blade Xlord game, you will not only get heroes but also some weapons to support the heroes.

The rarities of the heroes and weapons are divided into three categories, Rare – R (Blue Crystal),  Super Rare – SR (Yellow Crystal), And Super Super Rare – SSR (Rainbow Crystal). At the beginning of the game, you will be given free 10 summons units. Make use of this chance to get the best unit you can, and if you don’t get your best units, you can do some rerolls (How to Reroll Blade Xlord)

If you are interested in this game, you can directly download the game from the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (IOS). Enjoy the game.


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