Blade Xlord Reroll Guide

Blade Xlord is a new hero collecting games developed by Applibot. It is now available in Google Play Store and Apple Store for the English version. Since this game is a hero collecting game, there will be a Gatcha system to get your heroes. As you know, some Gatcha games will provide you a free Gatcha so you can get some units or heroes as your starting team. However, a Gatcha game will be very dependant on your luck, that is why you need a guide on how to reroll the game. By doing some rerolls, we hope you will get the best units/heroes in your starting team. So, here are some steps on the Blade Xlord reroll guide without re-downloading the data. (See: Blade Xlord Tier List Guide)

  1. Install, download the data, and run the game for the first time.
  2. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a chance to do 10 free summon. Do the summon, until you get at least 2 rainbow crystals (I got 4 rainbow crystals at most). For the best units, you can see it here: Blade Xlord Tier List guideBlade Xlord Reroll Guide
  3. If you want to do the reroll, exit the game
  4. Go to your phone’s file manager → Android → Data → Find “” file, then rename the file (You can only add a number on the name as you can see in the picture) Blade Xlord Reroll Guide
  5. Go to the Blade Xlord data file, then clear the data. (DO NOT UNINSTALL IT, JUST CLEAR THE DATA)
  6. Go back to the file manager, rename the “” to the original name
  7. Run the game.

That is the Blade Xlord reroll guide so you will get your best team as your starter team. If you get your units/heroes and still want to do the reroll, you can continue the game until you finish the tutorial, then go to Menu then Data Link, to save your current account.

Enjoy the game.

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