Blazblue Alternative Dark War

If you are a fan of Blazblue series, you might be interested in this Blazblue series game. Another Blazblue series Blazblue Alternative Dark War officially released on mobile for Android and IOS version.

Blazblue Alternative Dark War is a Turn-based RPG game developed by ARC SYSTEM WORKS with a great graphic and a great story-line. This game is also a hero collecting game, with a Gatcha or Summon system to collect the Blazblue character. What so interesting in this game Gatcha system is that you are allowed to do an unlimited 10 times summon once you finish the tutorial. With this unlimited summon system, you can summon as many as you like until you get the character that you want. This unlimited summon includes all characters from R rarity until SS rarity. So we recommend you to take some times doing the summons until you get your best characters.

Not only the summon system that make this game interesting, it is also the storyline and the graphics. When you enter the quest menu, you will find 4 types of quests, they are Story Quest, Character Quest, Daily Quest and Event Quest. Don’t be surprised if you choose the Story Quest, because you will see a lot of conversations before you get into a battle.

So far, Blazblue Alternative Dark War is worth to try. The downside of this game is just about its version. Unfortunately, this version of the game is still in Japanese Version so almost all of the languages are still in Japan. We still don’t have any information about the Global/English Version. If you don’t have a problem with the language, you can download the game from the link provided below. And if you need more detail information related to the game, you can visit the official site: Blazblue Official Site

Download Link:

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