Another Challenging Detective Riddles – “Flash Drive Password”

Are you a fan of detective story? Do you think you have a brilliant detective skills?Do you want to test your skill in solving a murder case, breaking a code or dying message? You can test your skill by breaking this one case of several Detective Riddles that you can find in this website. You can visit here: “Old man’s letter“, “Left Arm Note“, and “Dying Message Photo“,

There was a man named Max. He had a best friend named Joseph who worked together with him. Max and Joseph were a very close friend and they trusted each other. They worked together in the same IT dept at the same company. One day, at work Joseph told Max that there was something wrong in the company. He said it was too corrupt to the core and he’d found proof so Max would believe him.
A couple of days later, Joseph disappeared.
It was a mess. The company was furious because they said that Joseph had ran away with the company’s huge secret. Max had a feeling it was about what Joseph had said to him previously, about the company being corrupt. The company asked Max about Joseph’s disappearance, but Max had no idea at all. 
A couple of months later, when Max checked his mail like usual, he found an envelope containing a flash drive and a note:
Detective Riddles
Joseph’s Note
Joseph. Just as Max thought.
 He plugged the flash drive in his computer and found that it was highly encrypted. The only way to open the flash drive was type the password.
Can you crack the password for the flash drive that Joseph gave to Max?

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