DAYLESS SEA (CN) Opens Its CBT Version

Dayless Sea

Dayless Sea, a classic Open World RPG developed by Pathea Games, is now open a Beta test. This Beta Test will be available from December 9, 11:00 (UTC+8) – December 15, 18:00 (UTC+8). You can download the APK from the link provided below if you are interested in this game.

So, what is a Dayless Sea? Dayless Sea is a RPG mobile game developed for Android and IOS platform. This game brings a classic RPG genre with cute playable characters. Just like any other classic rpg games, you can explore the map to find some hidden treasures, or hidden quests by talking to the NPC around there. At the beginning of the game, you will choose the gender of the main character to go to the adventure accompanied with one teammate. As the story continue, you will meet other characters and some of them will join your party to help you with your adventure.

Since this game is still in Beta Version, there might be some bugs or error when you play it. Unfortunately, for you who does not speak chinese this will be a bad news. Because this Beta Test version is still in Chinese and there is still no character voice added.

In conclusion, Dayless Sea is an interesting classic RPG game. If you want to join the beta test and help the developer improve the game, you can download, try, and give feedback to the game. The download link for the APK is available below.

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