DC Battle Arena Starts a Closed Beta Test

DC Battle arena starts a Closed Beta Test for android platform. DC battle arena is a new battle arena game developed by Electrical Soul BBQ Studio in partnership with DC Comic. The DC battle arena starts the CBT on June 23rd, 2020 until July 7th, 2020 and unfortunately, this CBT is only available for Android.

The gameplay is just like a usual Battle Arena game, but they have DC Comic heroes as your in-game heroes. You can unlock and use some famous DC Comic heroes like Harley Queen, Superman, and Batman in the battlefield with, of course, their own unique skills. So far, there are only 10 heroes available to be unlocked and play for this CBT version (Harley Queen, Nightwing, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Joker, Aquaman, Shazam and Deathstroke) and they might add some new heroes in the future. So, if you are a DC Comic fans, you can collect your favourite DC heroes, upgrade, and equip them with the best weapon you want.

If you’re interested in this game and want to try the game before the official release, you can download the game from the link below since this Closed Beta Test is only available until July 7th, 2020.

Download Link:
Google Play Store


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