Detective Riddle – Dying Message Photo

Are you crazy about detective things? Do you want to test your skill as a detective and solve a murder case? Try this detective riddle of a murder case and prove yourself that you have a brilliant mind.

A private investigator who were working on a murder case was found murdered in his office. His last investigation report said that he had found three suspects. The three suspects were: Chad (Painter), Gabe (Doctor), and Jack (Accountant). 

Before he died, he had left a message to the police said that he had found a dying message from the crime scene on the case that he had been working.

Police was sure that it was the same murderer who murdered the private investigator with the previous case. Police searched his office and found five photos that had been taken from crime scene. They believed that one of these photos had a dying message in it.

Can you find which photo have a dying message and find the murderer?

Detective riddle
Evidence 1 Bookshelf
Detective riddle
Evidence 2 Piano
Detective riddle
Evidence 3 Chessboard
Detective riddle
Evidence 4 Painting
Detective riddle
Evidence 5 Calendar

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