Old Man’s Letter – Challenging Detective Riddle

Are you interested in detective story? Do you think you have a brilliant mind to solve some riddle? Try to solve this challenging detective riddles of OLD MAN’S LETTER and prove your skill.

A very rich man was found dead. His family know that he had a treasure box with a very large diamond inside of it. He hid his treasure somewhere and nobody knows where it is. When police found his body, he was holding a letter. His family believe it contains clues to where the treasure hidden.

Can you solve the riddle and find the treasure?

Detective riddles

2 thoughts on “Old Man’s Letter – Challenging Detective Riddle

  1. He hid the diamond in a clock tower not far from his home. In the tower is a safe with combination 2231-2211-323 and he must open it at 3 oclock before the tide of the river comes in, and he must use his bicycle to travel home via the gravel road with the diamond.

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