Disgaea RPG reroll guide

As you know, Disgaea RPG is a Hero collecting game with a Gacha system as the feature to collect the Hero. In every Hero collecting games, players want to collect their best hero/unit as the member of their team and the first step to do that is by doing some reroll. What is reroll? Reroll is a trick to get the best hero/unit through Gacha/Summon by taking advantage of the free summons given. By doing some rerolls, you can get your best units but this reroll will take you some times. How to do the reroll in this Disgaea RPG? So, here is the Disgaea RPG reroll guide without re-downloading the data.

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  1. Run the game
  2. Do the first free summon
  3. finish the tutorial, until you can do your first 10 summons
  4. There are many summon banners available, choose one.
  5. Do your first 10 summons. If you don’t get your unit, close the app
  6. Go to your file manager
  7. Then go to Android → Data → find file “com.disgaearpg.forwardworks” and rename it to “com.disgaearpg.forwardworks1”
  8. After that go to setting → App → Clear the Disgaea data
  9. Go back to Android → Data → rename “com.disgaearpg.forwardworks1” to its original name “com.disgaearpg.forwardworks”
  10. Run the game, and repeat the steps until you get what you want.

Those are the steps of the Disgaea RPG reroll guide. Hope this guide can help you to get your best units, and enjoy the game.

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