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Download INKHUNTER app

Inkhunter is an app for Android and IOS that allowed you to try a virtual tattoo using an Augmented Reality technology before you get the real tattoo. By using AR (Augmented Reality) Technology, you can try the virtual tatoo in 4D through your camera phone. You can download Inkhunter app for free. This app is developed by INKHUNTER, Inc.

To get started what you have to do is just sign in with your Email, Phone Number, Facebook, or you can just start it anonymously. In this app, we can find gallery with a lot of tattoo designs that we can choose or if you are confident, you can make your own tattoo. Draw your tattoo, take a picture of it and upload it into INKHUNTER app. Besides that, you can also try to create a text tattoo or number tattoo.


Download INKHUNTER appINKHUNTER app requires you to draw a smile shape in the place you want the tattoo appear, so AR technology can detect it and put the tattoo on it. If you are not convenient with that smile shape to be drawn, you can turn off the AR technology. By turning AR technology off, the tattoo will not be able in 4D mode.

Download INKHUNTER app

After you choose and try the tattoos on you, you can take a picture of it, save it, even you can share it via Facebook, Instagram, and Tweeter.

Download INKHUNTER app

If you are interested in this app, you can download INKHUNTER app here.

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