Download MOBA WARSONG English Version APK

Warsong English Version APKWarsong is a new MOBA game developed by Sixjoy Limited. This game uses similar features like any other MOBA games like AOV (Arena of Valor), Vainglory, MLBB (Mobile Legend: Bang Bang), etc. This game has just been officially released on January 22, 2018 in Japan. It is still uses Japanese language as their in game language. If you are interested in this game, you can download it here (Android), or here (IOS), and of course you have to have an account that is in the Japan Region. Or, you can follow some steps how to install App from different region. Some people ask when Warsong English Version will be released. There is still no information about that because Sixjoy is still preparing this game to be launched for Global version. If you want to play this game so much, you can download the Warsong English Version APK here.

Warsong English Version APK has English in the text game information such as in the home screen, menu screen, character’s information, events, setting, etc. But in this game version, you can still hear Japanese dialogue for character’s voice, and in game voice.

Warsong English Version APK
Home Screen

In this Warsong English Version APK, you can try 26 different characters from various role like Tank, Mage, Warrior, Marksman, Assassin, and Support.

Warsong English Version APK
Warsong English Version APK
Warsong English Version APK
Gameplay 1

This Warsong English Version APK also support to play with another player in a PVP Mode, and Competitive Mode.

So, you can try to this game by downloading Warsong English Version APK first while you wait for the Official Warsong English Version is released by Sixjoy Limited.

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