How to Download PUBG Mobile for Android and IOS

Download PUBG Mobile

Download PUBG MobilePlayer Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has become one of the most popular game to play. PUBG is a Battle Royale game that was published by PUBG Corporation. At first this game was released for PC via Steam and then it was also released for Xbox. After PUBG reaches its successful, PUBG Corporation starts to release PUBG Mobile for Android and IOS. You can download PUBG Mobile via Google Play Store or App Store.

This PUBG mobile has the same gameplay with PUBG that is released for PC and Xbox. It is a PVP action game, in which player fights against up to a hundred other player in a Battle Royale. You can enter the battle in solo mode or in a team up to four people.

Download PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Loading Page

In battle field, you must search for some equipment such as Weapon, Bag, Armor, Ammo, and other equipment. After some time the battlefield area will be shrunk down randomly. Players who are in the outside of the safe area will take damage continuously.  Some other time a bomb will be dropped at a random area (marked with a red circle on the map), so you have to move from that area. At random, a plane will drop a package containing of some equipment. These package release red smoke as a sign, so players can see them. A full round battle will takes no more than 30 minutes.

Download PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Control

By releasing this PUBG mobile, PUBG Corporation will reach more other players to join and feel the excitement of this game. But PUBG Mobile has to compete with other Battle Royale games like Free Fire, or Rules of Survivor that have been released long before PUBG Mobile.

Unfortunately this PUBG Mobile is available in only some regions such us US, India, and other countries. You can download PUBG mobile here:

If this game is not available in your country, you can try this (How to download from different region)so you can download PUBG Mobile and play it.

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