Dragon Nest 2 for Mobile Reaches 2nd CBT

After the previous Dragon Nest game from Nexon: World of Dragon Nest (WoD), fans of the Dragon Nest franchise gets another chance with this next fantastic project by Tencent: Dragon Nest 2. The game has just launched its second CBT, which was available only for selected chosen players with eligible accounts.

Different from the previous World of Dragon Nest that was developed by a Korean studio, Tencent produces Dragon Nest 2 in cooperation with Shengqu Games (previously known as Shanda Games), working with the same team who made the first MMORPG ever of this franchise: Dragon Nest M.

Dragon Nest 2 will give you a brand new experience with the world of Dragon Nest with a sequel story of the PC and mobile versions of Dragon Nest, after the defeat of the Green Dragon. This game also gives you an open world feature, where you will be able to freely explore its iconic locations such as Calderock Village, Forest Sanctuary, Prairie Town, and Saint Haven.

The more amazing feature of the Dragon Nest 2 is its dual-gender, which allows you to choose between male and female gender for all classes. It is definitely something that was not quite available for the previous versions of this franchise.

Unfortunately, unlike WoDN, you can only choose one core weapon in this game. However, you will be able to activate different skills using the all-time favorite skill system: skill-slot unlock. These magnificent skills will be at your service once you level up your characters.

Dragon Nest 2 starts with the same basic classes as its predecessors: Warrior, Archer, Cleric, and Sorceress. Other features available are costumes, pets, and mounts.

There is not yet a definite date for its official launch, but it is rumored that the Dragon Nest 2 will possibly be released around July this year. So keep yourself on guard and stay with us because we will keep you updated about Dragon Nest 2.

Official Site: https://dn2.qq.com/

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