Dragon Nest 2 is Officially Released

Dragon Nest 2 is officially released

Dragon Nest 2 is Officially Released. The long-awaited hope is finally here! Dragon Nest 2 is now available to download. You can download the game from the link provided below and in order to login the game, you need to use QQ or WeChat accounts.

Dragon Nest 2 is developed by Shengqu Games (previously known as Shanda Games), with the same team who developed the first MMORPG ever of this game Dragon Nest M. This team is working under one of the biggest gaming corporations, Tencent.

You will experience a different level of adventure with Dragon Nest 2 with a sequel story of the PC and mobile versions of Dragon Nest, after the defeat of the Green Dragon. Moreover, the open-world feature will also allow you to explore freely all memorable landmarks inside the game such as Calderock Village, Forest Sanctuary, Prairie Town, and Saint Haven.

In Dragon Nest 2, you will start with the same basic classes like its predecessor: Warrior, Archer, Cleric, and Sorceress. You will also be served with amazing costumes, pets, and mounts available in this game.

The difference lies in its dual-gender feature, where you’re supposed to have the liberty to choose between male and female gender for all of its classes. Unfortunately, genders for most of the classes are still locked. The only class where you can choose gender freely at the moment is the Cleric class only.

Choose your class carefully because you can only use one core weapon in this game. But don’t worry because as you advance and level up in the game, more outstanding skills will be available at your service.

No more waiting! Get your account ready and download Dragon Nest 2 right now. Explore a new world of Dragon Nest you have never experienced before.

Download Link:

Official Site: https://dn2.qq.com/

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