Dragon Raja Basic Guide

Dragon Raja is a new MMORPG Open World with great graphics, features and also the storyline. This game has many interesting features like Career, Bond, Tale/Anecdote, etc. Since this game has many features, and there are so many things we have to learn about this game, in this section we will give you some Dragon Raja basic guide so you will be able to catch up with other players.


  • There are 4 classes available. They are Blade Master, Gunslinger, Assassin, and Soul Dancer.
  • Blade MasterDragon Raja Basic GuideBlade Master’s role is as a warrior or a tank. Blade Master uses Physical Damage and has high survivability. Since the main attribute for this class is their Deff and Physical Attack, so you have to focus on the:
    • CON (Priority for a tank): 1pts add HP by 400, P.DEF by2, M.DEF by 2 and Crit Res by 2.
    • STR (Priority for a Warrior): 1 pts add HP by 120, PATK by 5, AP(Attack Penetration) by 2.
    • INS (for Warrior and Tank): 1 pts add HP by 240, PATK by 2, AP by 4 and CDR(Cooldown Reduction) by 4.
  • Gun SlingerDragon Raja Basic GuideGun Slinger’s role is as the main Physical Damage Dealer. They have a very high Physical Damage and attack from a long-range. As the main Physical Damage Dealer, you have to focus on the:
    • STR: 1 pts add HP by 120, PATK by 5, AP(Attack Penetration) by 2.
    • DEX: 1 pts add HP by 240, PATK by 2, Crit by 6, MS (multistrike) by 2.
    • INS: 1 pts add HP by 240, PATK by 2, AP by 4 and CDR(Cooldown Reduction) by 4.
  • Assassin
    Dragon Raja Basic GuideAssassin’s role is as a Mage and also an Assassin. This class deals Magic damage as their output damage and can switch between a close-range attacker or a long-range attacker. When you are a Mage, your attack and skills will be a long-range attack, but when you switch into an Assassin your attack and skills will become a close-range attack. Since the specialty of this class is its Magic Damage and its fast attack, so you have to focus on the:

    • INT: 1 pts add HP by 120, MATK by 5, MS (Multistrike) by 2.
    • DEX: 1 Pts add HP by 240, MATK by 2, Crit by 4, MS (Multisrike) by 4.
    • INS: 1 pts add HP by 240, MATK by 2, AP by 4 and CDR(Cooldown Reduction) by 4.
  • Soul Dancer
    Dragon Raja Basic GuideSoul Dancer’s role is as a Support and also a Mage. Just like the assassin damage output, Soul Dancer also deals magic damage. This class can also use healing skills to heal teammates and themselves, and the healing effect will depend on its MATK. So if you want to use this class you should focus on the:

    • INT (Priority): 1 pts add HP by 120, MATK by 5, MS (Multistrike) by 2.
    • INS (Priority): 1 pts add HP by 240, MATK by 2, AP by 4 and CDR(Cooldown Reduction) by 4.
    • DEX: 1 Pts add HP by 240, MATK by 2, Crit by 4, MS (Multisrike) by 4.


Gear is one of the most important things in this game. You can collect rare gears, transfer their stats, enhance, and refine them. And if you are lucky, you will get Draconic Gears.

What are draconic gears, and how to get them?

Dragon Raja Basic GuideDraconic gears are special gears with an additional special effect on them. The Draconic effects’ rarity is divided into three rarities (Purple, Orange, and Gold). The rarer the Draconic effect is, the better effect it has. If you get a Draconic Gear that is not suitable for your class, you can sell it at the Mall for a high price. Or if you get a low-level Draconic Gear, you can transfer the Draconic effects to a higher level gear.

You can get the Gears from Daily Event: Ace Trip, Devil Awake, and Undersea Massacre reward, and you can get the Draconic Gears from the Dungeon (Radiance, Nirvana, Doom, Bronze, Bright, Gods, and Nightmare). You can also have a chance to get Draconic Gears from the World Boss.


You can find many events in the Dragon Raja, and some of them are scheduled so you have to take a note for the schedule. Try to finish all the daily and weekly events because daily events like Ace Trip and Crazy Adventure will give you a lot of experience points while weekly events like Dungeon will give you Draconic Gears. Besides, finishing the events will give you activity points for some additional rewards.Dragon Raja Basic Guide

For the Dungeon information, the Dungeons are divided into some levels and difficulties:

  • Radiance Normal/Hard (I, II): Level 22 – 70
  • Nirvana Normal/Hard (I, II, III): Level 55 – 80
  • Doom Normal/Hard (I, II, III, IV): level 70 – 90
  • Bronze Normal/Hard (I, II, III, IV, V): level 80 – 100
  • Bright Normal/Hard (I, II, III, IV, V): Level 85 – 100
  • Gods Normal/Hard (I, II, III, IV, V): Level 90 – 110
  • Nightmare(I, II, III, IV, V): Level 95 – 110Dragon Raja Basic Guide

You can enter the dungeon with a party consist of 5 players or you can enter by yourself. But when you are in the early game, we recommend you to enter the dungeon with your party.

Pay attention to the dungeon level limit and your character limit because players will not get any rewards if their level exceeds the dungeon’s level limit.

The next important event is the World Boss. The World Boss event has a minimum level requirement and also has different spawn time and locations. You will have a chance to get a high-quality gear, and also world boss coin to operate a roulette machine for more rewards. Pay attention to the spawn time and locations. Here is the information about it:

  • World Boss LV 15: Dragonblood Abomination
    • Location: Siberia Harbor, around (273.330)
    • Spawn time: every one minute
    • Drop: Gears
  • World Boss LV 45: Paradisio Drunkard
    • Location: Paradiso Outskirt around (14.115)
    • Spawn Time: every 30 minutes
    • Drop: Gears and Coin
  • World Boss LV 60:
    • Location: Cassell College around (192.379, near the cafe) you need to turn on the vision to see the entrance
    • Spawn Time: 11.30,15.30, 19.30 and 23.30
    • Drop: Gears and Coin
  • World Boss LV 80: Shadow Spider Onimaru
    • Location: Funfair (you need to save the guest first before the Boss appears)
    • Spawn Time: 14.30 and 22.30
    • Drop: Gear and Coin
  • World Boss LV 85: Osho’s Blade Snake Form
    • Location: Well of Bones (You need to protect the operator first before the boss appears)
    • Spawn Time: 13.00, 16.00, 19.00 and 23.00
    • Drop: Gear and Coin
  • World Boss LV 90: Leviathan’s Heart
    • Location: Chizuru Beach
    • Spawn Time: 11.30, 15.30, 19.30, and 23.30
    • Drop: Gear and Coin


There are 4 kinds of gems that you can collect. They are Earth Gems (CON), Fire Gems (STR/INT), Wind Gems (DEX), and Water Gems (INS). There are 12 slots for the gems, and you can make any combination as you like. There are many possible combinations you can build, but we will give you some recommended combinations for each class.Dragon Raja Basic Guide

  • Blade Master:
    • Tank → 9 Earth + 5 Fire + 2 Water (No wind)
    • Warrior → 9 Fire + 5 Water + 2 Wind (No Earth)
  • Gunslinger: 9 Wind + 5 Fire + 2 Water (No Earth)
  • Assassin: 9 Wind + 5 Fire + 2 Wind (No Earth)
  • Soul Dancer: 9 Fire + 5 Water + 2 Wind (No Earth)

Upgrade all the gems to at least LV7 gems, to activate the extra effects. When all your gems reach LV10, the appearance of your weapon also will change and become a shining weapon.


Allies feature here will help you strengthen your character. You can collect as many allies as you wish, but you can only bring 5 allies to help you with your battle. These allies will automatically attack your enemies, with a certain cooldown time and their rarities are categorized according to their stars.

Moreover, there is an event that can only be done by your allies. In this event, you need to assign your allies to do the task, to get EXP and also materials to upgrade your allies’ level. Besides, you can also get some items as a gift to your allies. You can only assign your allies 12 times a day, so choose the high-level task in order to get better rewards.


Motor is a mount feature in this Dragon Raja. There are many cool motors here that you can get. In order to get the motor, you need to have the blueprint and the materials to craft the motor. Some Blueprints and materials are quite easy to get (even you can get them for free), but for a higher-level motor you need more effort to get like buy the blueprints and materials from the mall (use diamond) or you need to do some Gatcha (Use coupon from top-up). There are some possibilities to get high-level blueprints and materials from the quests, but the possibility is quite small.Dragon Raja Basic Guide

By crafting or unlocking the Motor, you will get additional permanent stats to increase your character’s battle rating. These stats are accumulated, the stats will be the same even if you change the Motor. So if it is about appearance, you can use any Motor you like.


So far, there are three kinds of careers in this game. There are Chef Career, Shop Career, and Idol Career. You can choose up to two careers at a time, but the second career can be unlocked when you reach lv 60.

Dragon Raja Basic GuideChef career allows you to learn some recipes, cook some meals or drinks, and then you can sell it for diamonds, or use it yourself for some additional buffs. Some higher-level meals (with better buff) can only be cooked by a higher level Chef. So use your Vit and Stamina to upgrade your Chef level.

Idol Career allows you to become a superstar. You can sing, dance, and also you can make some idols’ items like photo and signature. You can make these items and then sell them for diamonds or use them for additional Buffs. Increase your Idol Career level to make some higher-level items.

Shop Career allows you to open your own shop, and then sell your items. You can sell items from other careers like foods, drinks, and pictures. You can promote your shop in the world chat, or you can ask your friends to visit your shop, then buy some items.


Besides allies, there are also Pets that will accompany you in the battle. These pets will give you additional stats to strengthen your character. You can choose which pets are the most suitable for your class, evolve them to their ultimate form to get better stats, then put them in your pet squad.

Dragon Raja Basic GuideIt is important to put the most suitable pet in your pet squad because pets that join in the squad can have a chance to cast an ultimate skill when you are in battle. Besides, putting them in the squad will also boost their stats so you will get a higher rating.


Dragon Raja Basic GuideTale or anecdote is like a hidden quest in this Dragon Raja game. There are three kinds of tales, they are Bronze tale (easiest to complete), Silver Tale, and Gold tale (the most difficult to complete). There are more than 30 tales you can complete. However, in order to trigger the tale, you have to do certain actions at a certain location and sometimes at a certain time. However, this Tale/Anecdote feature gives a new sensation in MMORPG game and after you unlock a certain tale you will get some interesting rewards.

For further information related to this tale/anecdote, you can visit here: Dragon Raja Tale Guide.


Dragon Raja Basic GuidePlaying MMORPG games will be more fun if we play it with friends, and join a fun community. Joining the club in Dragon Raja will give you many advantages like doing some guild missions with some EXP and items as the rewards, having a guild party, doing world bosses or dungeons together with friends, even you will have a chance to get more rewards from the guild shop.

Make sure you join a Club as soon as the Club system is unlocked.

Diamond Allocation

The last point is about money. There are three kinds of in-game currency in this Dragon Raja game. Gold, Diamond, and Coupon and in this part, we will discuss about the diamond.

Diamond is one of in-game currencies that can be used to buy items, gears, and materials to strengthen your character. You can get diamonds from reaching certain milestones (Level, Career), unlock tales/anecdotes, selling rare items in the Mall or changing them with Coupons (Top-Up).

Since diamonds are quite hard to get and you will need a lot of it, you might need some guidance on how to spend the diamond wisely. You can focus your diamonds to:

  • Gems

buy the most suitable LV5 gems from the mall, then upgrade them until they reach at least lV7. When your gems reach LV5, it will activate additional effects and the next effect will activate when all the gems reach LV7.

  • Weapon Enhancement

Buy the Weapon enhancement materials from the mall. You will need a lot of them to reach “Wings Tier” to activate the effect.

  • Motor Evolution Stone

Focus on the one motor and then evolve it to at least level A motor, because you need at least one level A motor to unlock LV S Talent. In order to evolve the motor, you will need a lot of evolution stones and you can only buy the evolution stones with diamonds.

  • Pet

When we talk about pets, they give you a lot of additional permanent stats especially after you evolve them. So, invest some of your diamonds to enhance and evolve your pet to their ultimate form.

Those are some tips about Dragon Raja basic guide you need to know. There is much more information that we can not mention here, and I think after you play this game for some time, you will acknowledge them by yourself. This guide is just the basic guide, so you will not be confused when you play this game for the first time.

For further information, you can visit the Dragon Raja section, or you can visit the official website: https://dragonraja.zloong.com/

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