9 Dragon Raja Beginners’ Mistakes

Dragon Raja beginners' mistake

As one of the most complex MMORPGs, Dragon Raja offers a bunch of awesome features in addition to its beautiful graphics. The game also invites fierce competition between players, creating a tough race in rising to the top of the ranks.

This fierce competition makes you feel impatient at times, that you just do whatever possible to increase your ratings. As a result, you fail to pay attention to some crucial details and there will be so many things you missed.

Don’t worry, though! In this article, we will help you point out some common mistakes done by beginners. That way, you can avoid these mistakes and enjoy the game. Climb up the rank more smoothly! So, here is the Dragon Raja Beginners’ MISTAKES

1. Skipping PVP Cross Servers

There are many kinds of players in Dragon Raja. Some of you may prefer PVP actions, but some other players are interested more in PVE dungeons.

If you are the earlier type, then you may skip this point. However, if you are the PVE type and you tend to skip cross-server PVP events, please read this through.

There a wide variety of PVP Cross-Server events in Dragon Raja:

  • Day of Liberty
  • Snowmoon BG
  • Tide of the God
  • Ladder of Honor
  • Blitzkrieg

We know that even though all the above events are in different styles, most players tend to use them as a free PK or PVP battlefield that focuses on the killings. That is why some of you may feel reluctant and finally skip them.

But really, please don’t. Why?

  • PVP events grant you additional activity points and a massive amount of Solo EXP, especially if you are on the winning side and managed to score high in the ranks.
  • You get a bunch of Scorch / Flame as well as BG Emblems up to 700/week. You can then exchange these emblems with Refinement Sets and Gorgeous Costumes!
  • You can improve and practice your skill combos against other players.
  • You can use the events to practice skills using different classes and still get points even when you lose the game.

It is understandable that if you are the PVE-type of players, going wild and killing other fellow players may seem not that interesting.

Well, if that’s the case, just think of the rewards you will be able to get when you finish all that 700 weekly emblems! The sooner your finish all those emblems, the sooner refinement materials, and lovely costumes will come to you!

2. Motor Evolution

One of the easiest ways to increase your rating is by owning and evolving your motors. However, since [Evolution Stone] is quite expensive, many beginner players decide to just equally upgrade all their motors from B to A because it costs less.

That is quite unwise, especially if you have found your permanent class.

Please note that motor evolution will get you unique stats that is extremely useful for each class:

  • Grade B = HP + P. Def + M. Def
  • Grade A = HP + P. Def + M. Def + P/M. Atk
  • Grade S = HP + P. Def + M. Def + P/M. Atk + Elemental Atk
  • Grade SS = HP + P. Def + M. Def  + P/M. Atk + Elemental Atk + AP Lv. (Fighter & BM) / CDR (SD & Reaper) / Crit Lv. (GS) / MS (Assassin)

You can actually utilize the above stats, depending on your preferred class and build. For example, if you are a Tank-build BM, you may want to equally upgrade all your motors to grade B since they will grant you more HP and DEF stats.

However, if you build your class as a DPS, it is more recommended to evolve 1 motor up to grade SS so you can take advantage of its special stats.

3. Sticking Only to Dragonslayer Set in PVP due to its High Ratings

The Refinement Set is a feature that opens after you reach Lv. 80. You will be presented with two sets Nibelungen: Refine = Dragonslayer and Warmonger.

The Dragonslayer Refinement set indeed grants you better stats and higher ratings. Still, it only works best for PVE dungeons such as daily dungeons, Dragonslayer, World Bosses, and Weekly Dungeons (Radiance to Godfall).

On the other hand, the Warmonger Refine set may seem to offer lower ratings and stats. However, Warmonger is specially designed for PVP activities, including Cross Servers, Contests, Moon Realms, Training Arena, and Duels.

You may be one of those players who stick with Dragonslayer set even when you are in PVP combat. If you do, please stop right now and change to Warmonger instead.


Firstly, because Warmonger grants you additional resistance points for control effects such as Slow, Down, Freeze, and Delay. Besides, it also increases your Hit, Dodge Lv, and Aerial effects by specific numbers depending on the set level.

On top of everything, Warmonger raises your SMITE level. And SMITE level is highly beneficial for PVP combats because it increases the damage you deal to other ENEMY PLAYERS.

So before any PVP event, always remember to change your refine set into Warmonger.

4. Selling Unnecessary Gems

The Core set is one of the most essential requirements to increase your strength and ratings. It usually consists of three sets of elemental gems, depending on the player’s class, play style, and preferences.

Now, the most common beginner mistake is that when you think that one elemental gem is useless for your core, some of you may think of selling them because it just takes so much space in your inventory.

But really, please don’t.

Instead, collect all the gems and combine them to a level as high as possible. After it reaches at least Gem Lv. 8 or Lv. 9, go to Cassel College, to change your Gem into the element you desire, for a cost of only 50 diamonds for each change.

You can find this NPC by opening the Mini-Map and find the NPC Change Gem.

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