9 Dragon Raja Beginners’ Mistakes

5. Maxing Career VIT

Career VIT is one of the most common points mostly forgotten by players in Dragon Raja. Usually, you are just so busy with completing all those busy events that one day you just realize that your Career VIT has reached the maximum point.

This is quite unfortunate, actually.

Every day, each player is granted 360 points of VIT career, with a maximum of 2500 points cap in total. You can use these points to up each part of your Career requirements.

Now, some of you may be thinking of maxing them out before completing all those requirements. However, you will experience several following losses by doing so:

  • Losing extra daily activity points
  • When your Career VIT has reached MAX, you will no longer receive an additional 360 VIT points.
  • Losing extra daily solo EXP

Therefore, instead of waiting until the bar is full, it is better to add Career requirement activities to your dailies and make sure that you finish all your Career VIT points every day.

6. Owning Only One Type of Career

Did you know that every day your Career stamina is always refreshed to 100? And creating items for sale in one Career type only consumes 50 of Stamina Points.

Most Dragon Raja players only focus on 1 career type. But when you own only one career type, you lose the rest of your 50 stamina points. It’s just such a significant loss, don’t you think?

That is why we would like to recommend adding one more career as a spare just to spend the rest of your stamina points. The most recommended combination is Cuisine and Superstar because it is easier to handle. You just need to come to the kitchen and studio to create items and list them in the marketplace for more diamonds.

7. Maxing Out Activity VIT (and then forgetting them)

Every day when you finish all your daily activities, you will gain more activity points. Activity VIT is the green bar you find below your EXP bar when you click your avatar.

Now, most players just use them for weekly Grimoire exchanges or shouting out in the World Chat. The rest of them only remain untouched or forgotten.

But wait just a second. Click your Activity VIT and see above Grimoire Exchange, what do you find there? Yes, gold. 100 VIT for 1000 gold.

Now, this may seem trivial, but assuming you fill up your daily Activity VIT just up to 2000 points every day. It means that you will be able to exchange them for 20,000 gold per day. If you manage to do it the whole week, you will get additional 140,000 gold. And that is enough additions to upgrade that seemingly endless Sigil, don’t you think?

So, always check your activity points and exchange them for gold if you don’t have any other preferable options such as managing Clubs or World chatting.

8. Throwing Away Equipments with Purple/Orange Stats

Yes, it is true that some stats may seem to be unimportant for your class. INT and M.Atk may seem to be useless if you are a BM, GS, or Fighter.

However, if somehow you obtained a piece of equipment with Purple/Orange quality stats, or even MAX quality stats, you just don’t feel like throwing them away, right?

Don’t worry! There is actually a way to change those orange stats into something valuable for you.

How? By changing class.

For example, you have an equipment with orange INT and Earth Atk stats as a BM. Change your class into Assassin and TRANSFER those stats to your Assassin’s equipment.

After 24 hours, you will be able to change back into BM and those INT and Earth Atk stat you transferred while you were an Assassin will turn into STR and Fire Atk in your BM stats.

It works the same way for other stats and classes, but remember, transfer the stats AFTER you change your class.

Also, please note that there CANNOT be two kinds of stats in one equipment. If you have both STR and INT stats in the same weapon, they will not change no matter how many times you change classes.

9. Skipping Mini Game Career

One of the most popular in-game activities to be doing while we are afk doing any other real-life things is completing career requirements.

Until the mini-games show up.

Now, most players will complete the mini-games because they’re fun. However, there are also players who choose to just skip them because they take too much time.

If you are the latter, please stop and spare just a tiny bit of your time only when the mini-game appears. Why? Because the mini-games will give you additional career points.

Besides, you only get 35 weekly chances of mini-games for all your careers, so it’s best to utilize them so you can improve your career faster.


So, did you manage to get everything?

Don’t worry, even if you have made one or several of those mistakes, you can start checking right now, so you don’t make any more of them.

Have fun and have a great game!

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