Dragon Raja Gathering Tips

Choosing a cooking career in Dragon Raja comes with many challenges. One of the most difficult challenges is gathering the right ingredients in the most efficient way. After all, we only have a very limited daily VIT amount. However, you don’t need to worry because this article will discuss various Dragon Raja Gathering Tips. That way, you can utilize your career VIT most efficiently.

Strange Plants – Icy Lair

  • Go to Icy Lair (92,57) in the morning between 5 to 11 AM (In-Game time)
  • Collect invisibility grass located near the Strange Plant Guardians (the one with hand icon), or near NPC Kirk.
  • Walk back to the Strange Plant and enjoy!
  • You can repeat up to 5 times/day.
  • In order to collect faster, you can move to other channels instead of waiting for respawning. Unfortunately, there are only 3 channels available for ICY LAIR.
  • If you are there at the right time, but the plant is not there, and you are running out of the channel, just wait one or two minutes, the plant will respawn
  • DO NOT dash/jump/use any skills because it will break the invisibility. The invisibility buff only lasts for 58 seconds.

Truffle – Siberia Harbor

  • Buy [Powerful Sedative] from NPC Igor the Merchant Fleet. Buy at least 5 powerful sedative
  • Go to Siberia Harbor (223,342) when the weather states: Blizzard or Aurora.
  • You can immediately collect the Truffle if the Truffle Guardian Spirit is asleep. but, if it is awake, use the [Powerful Sedative] on the Guardian Spirit to sedate him, and you can freely collect the Truffle.
  • You can do it up to 5 times each day.
  • In order to collect faster, you can move to other channels instead of waiting for respawning. there are 16 channels available for SIBERIA HARBOR

Other Ingredients

Gathering ingredients will be better done when the weather is right because it will increase the Ingredient Talent Level +20%.

  • Sunny: Onions (Cassel College, Paradisio Outskirt, etc.), Tea Leaves (Chizuru, Paradisio Outskirts)
  • Hot weather: Chillies (Cassel College, Chizuru, etc)
  • Snow: Greens (Cassel College, Hydras, etc.)
  • Wet: Mushrooms (Siberia Harbor, Icy Lair, etc.), Water Chestnut (Hydras)
  • Temperate: Lemons (Chizuru, Cassel College, etc.), Tomatoes (Chizuru, Paradisio Outskirt)












Dragon Raja Gathering Tips

Dragon Raja Gathering Tips


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