Dragon Raja Hidden Treasure Location

Did you know that there are hidden treasures in the Dragon Raja’s weekly dungeons? Weekly dungeons are one of the best ways to level up and get amazing rewards in Dragon Raja. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get Draconic equipment when you complete the dungeons and open the treasure chests. However, there is only one extra treasure you can get inside each dungeon. It is located in a hidden location, and only a few selected players know about this. Don’t worry, though, because this article will guide you to the Dragon Raja hidden treasure location for each dungeon.
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Radiance (Normal & Hard)

  • After you have defeated the second boss, you will encounter a T-junction. The right path will take you to the last boss, Akira Sakurai. Take the left path, which will require you to jump across the blocks.Dragon Raja Hidden treasure location
  • After you reach the end of the road, you will see a “RED SIGN”, tap on it to create a pathDragon Raja Hidden treasure location
  • Proceed, until you reach the last location. In the last area, you will find a Golem that protects the treasure. DON’T FIGHT HIM! Instead, reach for the white piano on your right. Play the piano, and the Golem will be sleeping like a baby.
  • The hidden treasure is located behind the Golem. Circle around the big guy and get your treasure right there!

Nirvana (Hard)

  • Unfortunately for Nirvana, the hidden treasure is only available for the hard mode. After you defeat the big “scared dice”, don’t continue just yet. The hidden treasure is located on the right side of the exit door.
  • Go up on your right side after the big dice is defeated.Dragon Raja Hidden Treasure Location
  • You will see a piles of poker chips there. Hit the piles of poker chips.Dragon Raja Hidden Treasure Location
  • Examine the wand appearing in front of you.
  • The treasure will appear on the right side of the exit door. Go to the treasure location via a newly available path

Doom (Normal & Hard)

  • Defeat the second boss (Stone Giant)Dragon Raja Hidden Treasure Location
  • After the boss is defeated, go directly through the white doorDragon Raja Hidden Treasure Location
  • The hidden treasure is located on a lower level on your left side
  • Go straight and down to the lower level. Make a U-turn, and you will be able to see the treasure clearly. Jump across the blocks to the end of the path and get your treasureDragon Raja Hidden Treasure Location

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  1. Bronze hidden treasure: At the boss area, go straight at the edge of the boss area. There should be platforms, hop up and open the treasure. (protip: don’t open the chest after beating the statues yet, since it will be difficult to obtain the treasure later)

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