Dragon Raja Puppeteer Skill Description

Dragon Raja Puppeteer skill

One of the most awaited classes in Dragon Raja is the Puppeteer; the one told to have a high survivability in battle. Unfortunately, the class has yet been released in the US or SEA servers. Only the China server is the only one who can enjoy the fantastic features of the Puppeteer class right now. But no worries! Today we are going to give you a short preview of the Dragon Raja Puppeteer skill description. It is still in a rough translation from the Chinese version, but it will give you a brief perspective of the class. That way, you can decide and start preparing, just in case you would like to change class later.

Soul thorn

Puppeteer instructs the puppet to launch an attack and throws a paper gun to pierce the target and cause magical damage. This skill has a certain probability to reset the cooldown and increase the damage of the next skill

Break the Army & Soul

(Broken Army) Puppeteer manipulates the puppet to transform into spikes and penetrates through the target, causing a lot of magical damage to the surroundings. This skill has a certain probability to trigger the next skill, Soul Suppression

(Soul Suppression)Puppeteer manipulates the puppet and transforms into a beast palm to hit the target, causing a lot of magic damage and stiffening effect, and attaching FATE marks to all hit targets

ReincarnationDragon Raja Puppeteer skill

The Puppet turns into a wheel spines at high speed, continuously causing magic damage and causing laceration effects. Enemies suffering from laceration effects will suffer high damage based on the distance traveled.

Paper LanDragon Raja Puppeteer skill

Puppeteer releases three paper waves to the front, each pair of paper waves will repel enemies in front and cause a lot of magic damage

Thousand FacesDragon Raja Puppeteer skill

Puppeteer summons a puppet into a paper shield to protect itself with additional block effects. When the Thousand Faces continues fighting, the hegemonic effect and the high block effect is added, and also the crowd control effect will be released immediately

Metamorphosis & Fate

[Metamorphosis] Dragon Raja Puppeteer skillWhen the Metamorphosis value is full, it can be released and consumes all metamorphism values to increase its own magic attack, obtain a must hit effect, and the soul thorn will attach a FATE mark to the target.
[Fate] Passive skills: reduce the target’s physical and magic defenses. The cooldown of the soul thorn is reset immediately on the target. When the target with the FATE mark dies, it will immediately gain Metamorphosis value.







Dragon Raja Puppeteer Skill

Dragon Raja Puppeteer Skill

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