Dragon Raja Silver Tale/Anecdote Guide

Warm Menus

  • Go to Chizuru and find a homeless (234,165)Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Talk to him then take the book beside the homeless and you will get a recipeDragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Go to (106,220) at 6.00 am to meet Jugger a mysterious merchant. Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Go to any ingredient Shop to prepare the ingredients for the quest (Vegetables, Tofu, and Honey)
  • Go to Tokyo and find the NPC Koshi Uesugi (324,419) Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Give him the ingredients then wait for 5 minutes (you can leave the place)
  • Back to the chef, to get the quest item (Crazy Hot Pot)
  • Give the item to the homeless (234,165) on a sunny day to finish the tale

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Angel’s Voice

  • In order to take this tale, you have to own an idol career.
  • Go to Tokyo, find and open a book (591,380)Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • A girl will appear, talk to her and finish the conversationDragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Go meet the girl in your star studio. You can access this room from the Idol career menu. Career → Superstar → Goods → Produce → Go
  • Talk to the girl (Misaki), and finish the conversation.Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Meet Misaki in Tokyo (586,429) at 2 am, then talk to herDragon Raja Silver Tale Guide Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • After Misaki leaves, go to (551,75) then do “Practice Seaweed Dance” Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Go to (565,98) to see Misaki and some little girls.
  • Talk to her and other little girls. Finish the conversation to complete the tale.

Mysterious Thief

  • Go to the Principal’s Office
  • Sit on the chair, choose “look around” several times until NPC masked thief appearsDragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Go to the pillar on the right, then turn on the vision to trigger EVA’s dialogue. Some say that you can only trigger it at a certain time. I trigger the dialogue on the next day (Real-Time) at 6 a.m Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Finish the conversation with EVA, then go to Cassell College (147,120), turn on the vision then talk to the thief. (Every time you want to see the thief, you have to turn on the vision) Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Still in Cassell College, go to (277, 459) turn on the vision, then talk to the thief again Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Go to the second floor of the library then go to (139,398), turn on the vision, talk to the thief.
  • In order to reach that location, you can go through Cassell College (139,398) ,ride a flying mount, then go up to the second floor of library.Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Go to Chizuru, find the thief at (171,280) finish the conversation with him Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide
  • Go to the Principal’s Office, talk to the Principal to complete the taleDragon Raja Silver Tale Guide

Basketball Team

  • Go to Cassell College, then go the Basketball Court (264.445)
  • Find NPC Tatsuhiko Kimura in the afternoon.
  • Ask to join the Basketball Team
  • You will enter the basketball dungeon. Make a perfect score (without any miss)
  • After you get the perfect score, the tale will be completed and you also get a Basketball uniform as the reward.

Tokyo Jumper

    • Go to Tokyo, and find NPC Eddie (On the top of the building)
    • Talk to him, and you will be given a task to collect rubber duck
    • Collect all the ducks to complete the tale

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40 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Silver Tale/Anecdote Guide

  1. For the Angels voice, about the last part where you have to meet her again after doing the seaweed dance, is it timed? because I can’t find her

      1. Is it a time based thing? I’m on the second part , where we need to go to the music place and he doesnt seem to spawn

  2. i feel like something is missing from angel’s voice. so many people are stuck at the part when you’re asked to share your experience with misaki and you’re supposed to have a quest that asks you to talk to a little girl. that quest never showed up for me, even though i’ve exhausted the conversation with misaki after doing the seaweed dance and the lionheart ad (which you forgot to mention btw).

    going to that performance area didn’t trigger the little girls either. I’ve tried at 4pm, 5pm, 2am, 4am, 5am, 7am, 8am. I can’t tell if I’m bugged or something is missing.

  3. (147,120) I saw him there but I got pop up for king gossip, I finish it first, then I turn on the vision, he’s not there anymore, I didn’t speak to him before doing the gossip, any tip regarding this?

        1. Misaki appears in her spot on 5pm game time, not server time. Take note that if you are at the ‘share experience’ part, you have to do 3 things.
          1. Practice seaweed dance.
          2. Practice guitar solo (or was it called improv solo?… it uses the guitar in Tokyo).
          3. Lionheart recruitment.

          No particular order is needed. But after each task, I believe you have to talk to Misaki (to share the experience).

  4. I’ve already got the Angels’ Voice unlocked, but i still have this “Find Misaki” on quest tab.
    when i auto locate to her, she was not there. is like she’s invicible, ive checked my studio, tokyo park but nothing happen. The point is, why im still getting this Angels’ Voice tale after ?

    1. The tale seems to be bugged. I skipped all the way to the end of tale, and redid it with no exact order (but can’t trigger the last step) and it’s still marked as completed. Anyway, I played at SEA server, fyi.

  5. Whenever I sit on principal’s chair, it keeps saying that “Principal is going to catch you, run away”, what to do?

  6. @admin
    For mysterious thief, location to find him in chizuru is wrong, it’s 171, 230 , becide the convenient store, disguised as the sales person, not 171,280 at the beach

  7. Hello. Just for additional information of Midnight Voice, you don’t have to access the elevator multiple times. When you finally entered the secret room and there’s no footprints, try going to line 0. The footprints are there.

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