Dragon Raja Silver Tale/Anecdote Guide

As you know, you can collect many Tales in the Dragon Raja game and these tales are divided into three categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze is the easiest and fastest tale to finish, while Gold is the hardest and longest tale to finish. Even some of the Gold tales need 2 days to finish. In the other section, we have discussed the Bronze and Gold tale. in this section, we will give you the Dragon Raja silver tale guide. If you need the information about the bronze and the gold tale you can visit the link below.


  • This guide is still in process, and there are still many tales out there. We will update this guide soon after we unlock some more tales.
  • For the Bronze and the Gold Tale will be provided in other sections:


Old Man and SeaLittle Girl and UmbrellaMysterious Thief
Warm MenusAngel's VoiceBasketball Team
Midnight VoiceHarbor GuardianTokyo Jumper
Mystery in Mirror

Little Girl and Umbrella

  • Go to Chizuru on a rainy day
  • Find a little girl with an umbrella, she is located near the Supermarket (160,219)
  • Talk to her
  • Choose the second option (do not buy the umbrella, it costs 350k gold)
  • Finish the conversation (“You really are a good person”)
  • At 9.00 am go to Chizuru (104,217) to meet the little girl once againDragon Raja Silver Tale guide
  • Talk to her then choose the first answer (I don’t want the umbrella. I want you)Dragon Raja Silver Tale Guide

Old Man and Sea

  • Go to the Lighthouse at Siberia Harbor (237,126)
  • Knock the door
  • Go find NPC Old man (422,200) then talk to himDragon Raja Silver Tale guide
  • Go inside the hut and sit on the wooden chair (311,342)Dragon Raja Silver Tale guide
  • Find the orphanage’s toolbox (335,355)
  • Collect the materials needed. You can collect the materials from the fallen trees (219,357) (324,308) (320,301) (323,306)Dragon Raja Silver Tale guide
  • Back to the old man, make a boat for the old man, talk to him
  • Wait for the next 2 days then go visit the lighthouse again to complete the Tale

Video Guide:

Midnight Voice

  • Go to Tokyo (368.332), enter the hotel at 11 pm – 1 am
  • Access the elevator. You will enter some random rooms.
  •  You can also enter this elevator room from “Hot Spring Resort” then exit the room through the door
  • Do it several times until you enter a dark mysterious room.
  • Turn on the vision, then access the Television (Tap the television)
  • You will be brought outside the room.
  • Enter the room again (Do the same steps), turn on the vision, and you will see the footprints in front of the TV.
  • Check the footprints, and check the next room.
  • You will find a little girl there, talk to her to complete the tale

Harbor Guardian.

  • Visit NPC Antonia in Siberia Harbor (330.348) every day on a Blizzard condition
  • Talk to her, and you will have a chance to trigger 6 different conditions. (Moving a box, Nothing happen, talk about Nark, Clean the bed, Clean the yard, and find a sled dog)
  • You can only trigger one condition a day. Do it every day to trigger different conditions.
  • Complete all conditions to finish the tale.

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40 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Silver Tale/Anecdote Guide

  1. For the Angels voice, about the last part where you have to meet her again after doing the seaweed dance, is it timed? because I can’t find her

      1. Is it a time based thing? I’m on the second part , where we need to go to the music place and he doesnt seem to spawn

  2. i feel like something is missing from angel’s voice. so many people are stuck at the part when you’re asked to share your experience with misaki and you’re supposed to have a quest that asks you to talk to a little girl. that quest never showed up for me, even though i’ve exhausted the conversation with misaki after doing the seaweed dance and the lionheart ad (which you forgot to mention btw).

    going to that performance area didn’t trigger the little girls either. I’ve tried at 4pm, 5pm, 2am, 4am, 5am, 7am, 8am. I can’t tell if I’m bugged or something is missing.

  3. (147,120) I saw him there but I got pop up for king gossip, I finish it first, then I turn on the vision, he’s not there anymore, I didn’t speak to him before doing the gossip, any tip regarding this?

        1. Misaki appears in her spot on 5pm game time, not server time. Take note that if you are at the ‘share experience’ part, you have to do 3 things.
          1. Practice seaweed dance.
          2. Practice guitar solo (or was it called improv solo?… it uses the guitar in Tokyo).
          3. Lionheart recruitment.

          No particular order is needed. But after each task, I believe you have to talk to Misaki (to share the experience).

  4. I’ve already got the Angels’ Voice unlocked, but i still have this “Find Misaki” on quest tab.
    when i auto locate to her, she was not there. is like she’s invicible, ive checked my studio, tokyo park but nothing happen. The point is, why im still getting this Angels’ Voice tale after ?

    1. The tale seems to be bugged. I skipped all the way to the end of tale, and redid it with no exact order (but can’t trigger the last step) and it’s still marked as completed. Anyway, I played at SEA server, fyi.

  5. Whenever I sit on principal’s chair, it keeps saying that “Principal is going to catch you, run away”, what to do?

  6. @admin
    For mysterious thief, location to find him in chizuru is wrong, it’s 171, 230 , becide the convenient store, disguised as the sales person, not 171,280 at the beach

  7. Hello. Just for additional information of Midnight Voice, you don’t have to access the elevator multiple times. When you finally entered the secret room and there’s no footprints, try going to line 0. The footprints are there.

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