Dragon Raja Bronze Tale/Anecdote Guide

As an MMORPG game that has many interesting features, Dragon Raja has a feature called Tale feature. This feature can only be unlocked if you do some required actions in a certain area, and also some tales can only be triggered when you do the action at the right time. Many players try to find the Tales and unlock them because there are many great rewards after you unlock them. However, many tales are quite difficult to find. So in this article, we provide you with a Dragon Raja tale guide to help you find and unlock them.


  • This guide is still in process, and there are still many tales out there. We will update this guide soon after we unlock some more tales.
  • For the Silver and the Gold Tale will be available in other sections:


SanitationJam MakerLeader's QueryWaiter Adams
Love You 3000Universal QuizEra of IdolBroken Machine
Strange MarkDream LoverScattered FilesThe Diary
Eternal AllyFriendly EcoCouple and FlowersThe Graffiti
The ChosenRoad BusterCampus BenchLost Report
Money makerBlossoms RainReticentMystery Drink
Rhtyhm MasterCollege's VoiceWaste SeparationAfternoon Tea Party
Good NeighborTokyo News

Dragon Raja Tale Guide:

Couple and Flowers

  • Go to Cassell College
  • Find a couple behind the principal’s office (251,185) at 1-3 p.m
  • Listen to the conversation until the end
  • You can wait here or leave them, but you have to come back 20 minutes later for another quest.
  • NPC Rauss will ask you to buy a flower.
  • You can tap on the quest tracker, or you can find the flower girl at (231,436).
  • Back to NPC Rauss then give him the flower.

Campus Bench

  • Go to Cassell College
  • Sit on the bench (302,288) at 1 a.m/p.m – 3 a.m/p.m
  • Wait for a while, an NPC will appear. Answer him to finish the tale

Waiter Adams

  • Visit EVA in Principal’s Office (83,60) every day, there is a chance that you will trigger the Tale.
  • Talk to Eva, then give a drink to Adam around there.

Broken Machine

  • Go to the Cassell College (276,464) Near Basketball courtDragon Raja Tale Location
  • Find a moving vending machineDragon Raja Tale Location
  • Interact with a moving vending machine

The Diary

  • Go to Tsukuyomi Prison
  • Find and Interact with a yellow rubber duck at the pond (61,63)
  • Go to the house (81,60)
  • Find a diary under the tableDragon Raja Tale Location
  • Open the Diary (code: 214)

The Graffiti

  • Go to Tokyo
  • Go to the exact location (366.315) and find a Vending Machine Dragon Raja Tale Location
  • Turn on the Vision to see the Grafitti on the wall beside the machine
  • Interact with the graffitiDragon Raja tale guide

Lost Report

  • Go to Icy Lair
  • Find the big screen computer (89,126)
  • Interact with the computer, and choose look aroundDragon Raja Tale Location
  • Finish the quest

Money Maker

  • Go to the Principal Office
  • Use the computer by sitting on the chairDragon Raja Tale Location
  • Choose “Enter Command”
  • Type: show me the money

Blossoms Rain

  • Go to the Principal Office
  • Use the computer by sitting on the chairDragon Raja Tale Guide
  • Choose “Enter Command”
  • Type: show me the flower


  • Go to the Principal Office
  • Use the computer by sitting on the chairDragon Raja Tale Location
  • Choose “Enter Command”
  • Type: no glues

Mystery drink

  • Go to Cassell College (223,419)Dragon Raja Tale Location
  • Find 3 vending machine
  • Interact with one of those vending machines
  • Buy the “Whatever” drinkDragon Raja tale guide
  • Keep on buying the drink until the Tale triggered. (can be around 5 or 6 times)
  • A scene will appear, choose the second answerDragon Raja Tale Location

Rhythm Master

  • Go to Siberia Harbor (311,348)Dragon Raja Tale Location
  • Go inside the hut
  • Find the guitar, interact with it
  • Wait until you finish playing the guitar and the tale will be triggered

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  1. There is another one for principal keep looking around until u trigger “Leader’s query” tale
    And u can get anecdote point by taking scenarios (the purple camera looking thing on ur map)
    “Angel’s voice” is triggered by interacting with the little girl possibly at night raining? After interacting go to the circle flat land which is a park.

    • Yeah, thanks for the information.

      • Hey admin, I was just wondering. for the leader’s query, when you say repeat the process “several times”, how much is several times? I must be on my 30th time…and does the process include going in and back out of the Principle’s office?

        Thank you. this doesn’t seem to be working for me

        • You can only do the process 3 or 4 times a day (Real-time). The limit is shown by a warning says “principal is about to catch you”. If the tale isn’t triggered until the warning appears, you should try again the next day.

          In order to trigger the tale, you only need to sit, look around, cancel the action, sit again, and so on and so forth. You don’t need to leave the principal’s office

          • how with anecdote masked thief u need to look command too

    • Hey, how many times do you have to sit in the chair and choose the option “Look around” before Alfred is triggered? How many times is “several” times? I must have done it about 20 times already.

      Also, when admin says to “Repeat the process”, does that that include “entering the Principal’s office”? Meaning that you have to go out of the Principle’s office and return back inside as part of the “process”? Does it mean simply standing up from the chair and sitting back down?

      These little things are so awkward xD

      • I was able to do it just by standing and sitting over and over

    • Updated several tales. You can also check on the second page

  2. Thanks sir . All quest are accurate . Hope to read more tale quest . keep it up .

    • Thanks.
      Just wait for the next update

  3. The Rhythm Masters one isn’t working for me. Any advice?

    • It actually doesn’t need any special action. If the Tale is not triggered, you can try to Relogin, or try it again on the next day (Real life day)

    • It only works if That guy Pablo is there

  4. There’s the “music box” tale : can be triggered by passing by the old dorms
    I still didn’t finish it tho
    But the first thing you have to do is open the dorm (buy a key from a “proud gear dept member”)
    Then you have to find the guy who was locked (somewhere in the campus) and help him find the music box (in the library)
    And after that I don’t know, I’m blocked

    • Actually you can just open it by reading book in the magic section. After finding the music box, read the list at the book section near where you found the music box. Afterwards, go to the cafe to wait for a cocktail

      • hey hello, u mean the aurora cocktail? is there any time sensitive for that?

    • To solve this you
      – Pass by the dorms to access the quest (near the gatcha)
      – Go to library, under category ‘magic’, there are 3 make sure you go to the one that has lock pick book available. (read the book)
      – Go back to dorms and pick lock
      – The guy will run away, In the corner of the map where the treadmills are is where he is.
      – Go back to the library under another ‘magic’

  5. doggy does not appear feelsbadman

        • I’ve has the same problem but I think I found the solution: go to the same area and make sure vision is enabled. Once that, interact with the garbage next to you. The dog should come running towards you

        • I’ve has the same problem but I think I found the solution: go to the same area and make sure vision is enabled. Once that, interact with the garbage next to you. The dog should come running towards you

          • No dog. Only cat sound. Help.

    • it got triggered after i interacted with the garbage several times. i dont think the vision is the trigger point

  6. hope you love you

    any pre-sequel to the broken machine ?
    I tried sometimes and never trigger

  7. any pre-sequel to the broken machine or … ?

  8. what happen next for the “leader’s Query”? after the convo “Alfred” nothing happens

    • If the tale is not triggered, you can try again the next day

  9. Man..This is great..
    Thanks a lot, I’ve been searching for this guide and finally found one with clear explanation..
    Thumbs up.

  10. spinning the globe multiple times in the principal office till a mark shows up on Greenland triggers a anecdote “Strange mark”

  11. You pick up some kind of chemical on the recycling bins near the basketball court (just behind the broken machine on the second picture) then it gives you some options, i chose to try the item and it just kept on damaging me, my char spoke about finger so I went to him, talked a bit about the thing I used but after that I don’t know where to go now I’m not sure if it’s broken or a tale at all.

  12. I cant trigger the universal quiz tale, does this tale have a specific time to be triggered because when I click on the telescope it always that it is fun to climb up and down but nothing will happen for today please help

    • There is not any specific time, I guess. You can do that several times until the tale is triggered

  13. I cant trigger the universal quiz tale can you help me or is there a specific time ine game?

    • I guess it can be accessed anytime

    • Before I got it, I would immediately click x to cancel the interaction and repeat it over and over. I only got it by waiting for the animation to complete lol.

  14. Hello admin, I just trigger new hidden quest but I don’t know what next. I met Kuroko Matsuo at Chizuru (156, 199), listen to his story about his rebellious son. Anyone have idea?

  15. I gave the wrong answer to Eternal Ally tale, can I still get the anecdote? I tried to check the book again, but I cant trigger it anymore 🙁

    • You can try again on the next day

  16. My show me the money isn’t working.

    • you need to have the ripped post it note that says smth like “show me the money – enxi looks like some sort of computer code” in your inventory to trigger it. I got it from the reward for binding an account.

      • where you can get this poster?

    • Mine doesn’t work either. I’ve tried several times over the past several days and the only thing telling me it did anything at all is it makes a slight sound. I checked and I still don’t have the tale and it seems no mater how many times I try it it doesn’t work. I believe I’m doing everything correct. Everything is spelled right and all lowercase. I’m not sure what the issue is.

  17. any updates on other tales missing on the list in-game?

  18. Another one to the list

    Dark Alley
    Tokyo (280, 454)
    A girl named Ellie is being harassed
    -Talk to her, triggering the scene
    -Tell them to leave her
    -Fight them

    • You need Justice/Chaos to be at 20 to finish tale.

  19. For Era of Idol, I clicked too fast after calling the police and hung up. Is this the reason I couldn’t complete the tale? I didn’t receive the medal thing and the mysterious man never disappeared. Am I able to redo the tale??

    • hey, I had something similar, I clicked ask for push money or call the police, and nothing happenes, the man just stood there, and never dissapeared, did you manage to reset the tale?

  20. I find another graffiti at (435.172) but I don’t know which the answer is right or trigger some thing

  21. A lot of these have omitted information that is needed to know how to complete the quest. For instance, in Lost Report, you have to interact with the computer *until the rest of the quest pops up in the quest list*. This might not happen immediately. I was very confused the first few times I did it.

  22. You can also hop on the doggies sledge in syberia harbor and get an anecdote point

  23. Accidentally found an anecdote item by simply misclicking the npc for a trashbin and got “Note Fragment”. Apparently you need 3 of those notes so you could combine them. Problem is, I have been digging around trashbins around cassell and still couldn’t get any more fragments. Can you look this one up? Thanks in advance.

    • You can only dig through trash and have a chance at getting something 3 times a day.

  24. I finished Waiter Adam tale but tipped Adam at the end. Not tipping would have given me a title. So I tried doing it again. Finally, “talk to Eva” appeared again after I greeted her. But the option to try the drink was locked. It says “Limitless Vitality reaches 1 to unlock”. Any idea how to do this?

    • Make sure you have the vibrant personality

      • I had 78 vibrant. Anyway, that wasn’t the solution. I eventually managed to unlock the choice when I visited around night time (server time). I checked it a lot and force quitted the game whenever I saw the option locked.

        • same here after getting the anecdote, im still greeting EVA to unlock the green title, now 2nd option is locked again tho i have 111 vibrant

    • Idk if this is really why it work. But i have the same problem, but the problem is solved after i unlocked a new personality (i unlock vibrant but im pretty sure i have vibrant before, so maybe its a level up??), so i guess they meant we missed 1 personality or something.

  25. I cant seem to trigger the couple quest, I can only choose to go away, how exactly do I listen to their conversation?

    • I think u have to have at least 20 romance points

  26. That no glues comment don’t do anything. did I miss something or do I need something?

  27. Money maker don’t work even I have poster. No glues don’t work neather. Didi I do something wrong or Is it just bug. Blossom rain worked.

    • Did you try to use ALL lower case letters?

  28. Tale The Innocents Ehime Prefecture near (258,216) there is a police man he starts the tale. (I started this on a sunny day around 12pm in game time. He should talk about Aiko (Aiko and her boyf are at (257,224) The story is quite good!

  29. hello , I found ‘No More Yesterday’ Bronze one
    in the time 1 pm (game time) 515,89
    Homeless sitting on the bench
    just talking

  30. You can go to coordinate 436,172 and activate vision, you will find another monsterling grafiti there and after interacting with it interact with NPC beside you and buy fried rice, I repeat fried rice! Don’t make the same mistake I make

  31. the Fatality Tokyo News anecdote can also occur at (426,435). that’s the only place it seems to occur on my server.

  32. another rampager location for tokyo news, 428, 432

  33. I messed up pretty bad is some tales
    – on tale “era of idols” i accidentally click on option that he have to pay me and i’ll shut up, can i trigger that tale again tho T.T
    – also on voice bond, i accidentally (again) sell the thing that we use to ring under the tree i wonder how can i fix this or i can’t? So i’ll stuck forever on this tale? T.T

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