Enjoy Inter-Planet Journey with New Buy-To-Play Mobile RPG: “Ex Astris” by Arknights Developer

Ex Astris mobile rpg arknights developer - findurthing.com
Ex Astris: Mobile RPG by Arknights developer - findurthing.com

If you’re a fan of Arknights, you will be interested in “Ex Astris”, a new buy-to-play mobile RPG by the same developer, Hypergryph.

“Ex Astris”: New Buy-to-Play Mobile RPG by Arknights Developer

Did you wish you could travel around the planets? No worries. Arknights developer, Hypergryph, will be making your wish virtually come true with its new buy-to-play mobile RPG, “Ex Astris”.

On September 15, Arknights developer, Hypergryph, created the first post with “Ex Astris” official Twitter, @Astris_EN, revealing their first-ever premium buy-to-play game with episodic narrative and 3D RPG gameplay.

Join the Protagonist on a Cross-Planet Investigation Journey

In “Ex Astris”, you will join the protagonist in her investigation journey from earth across the planets. Furthermore, you will encounter various traveling friends along the journey, revealing their hidden stories as each chapter unfolds a linear storyline.

“Go through the storm, transcend eternity. Dear traveler, enjoy your journey.” – Ex Astris.

“Ex Astris”: Premium Buy-to-Play Mobile RPG by Arknights Developer with Real-Time 3D Combat System

According to the developers, the “Ex Astris” battle system will involve real-time 3D combat, where you can block, parry, and set combo attacks. Besides, you can also launch, fix your target enemies in the air, then strike them down in a deadly skill combo, which is customizable for the players.

Furthermore, you can set up your party with up to 3 characters, in addition to the pre-set 2 main characters. Up until today, there will be 4 playable characters available in the game.

Ex Astris Combat System - findurthing.com
Ex Astris Combat System

“Ex Astris” Features Dynamic Gameplay and Explorative and Interactive Elements

Moreover, being the first premium buy-to-play game by Arknights developer, Hypergryph, “Ex Astris” will feature dynamic gameplay. You will be able to join real-time combats in explore mode with dynamic fights.

At the same time, having exciting quests is a must for a great mobile RPG. Thankfully, “Ex Astris” is all about interactive playing with explorative and interactive elements like main/side quests, as well as a wide variety of systems like cooking, alchemy, and non-linear character progression.

Finally, are you all excited already? Unfortunately, “Ex Astris” is still in prototype with alpha test mode. As of today, Hypergryph, is planning to launch “Ex Astris” for Android and iOS in multiple languages. So, stay with us, and we will keep you updated.

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