EXOS HEROES Global Release: Download Now

If you prefer playing a classic RPGs like the ones you play in the consoles, then you definitely don’t want to miss the chance of playing Exos Heroes!

Exos Heroes tells a tale and an adventure of the hero in their search for the Emperor’s legendary sword, the ‘Exestruk’. You will join Bitru, the ancient dragon and Zeon, the treasure hunter to face the evil forces threatening the peace of the Exos Nation and overcome the curse of the ancient dragon.

Remember those times when you can run around the world map? Or ride onboard an awesome airship as the captain to explore the fantasy land of the game? You can definitely do that with Exos Heroes!

Explore lost ruinshunts hidden treasures, just like any classic RPGs we all used to play, except that you can carry the game with you anywhere in your pocket.

What is more, Exos Heroes offers pretty much simple gameplay with its turn-based strategic battles. You can also take advantage of the Guardian Stone system to perform a ‘break’ to your enemies in fairytale-like graphic battle scenes.

On top of everything, Exos Heroes also provides over 200 heroes with fantastic character designs. You can collect as many heroes as you want and create your dream squad!

Download Exos Heroes now via Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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