Exos Heroes is Officially Released for Android

Exos Heroes is officially released

Exos Heroes is officially releasedExos Heroes, a new hero collecting RPG game has officially released for Android. Developed and published by Line Games and OOZOO, this game offers a really great graphic and an interesting gameplay.

Exos Heroes is a turn-based action RPG with 3D graphic and have over 200 heroes to collect.  You can collect the heroes from heroes summon, and each hero has their own skills and ultimate skill. Besides, there is also auto battle and 2x speed system that will make your battle easier. Not only about the gameplay, it also has a great story line with some amazing Full Motion Videos (FMV) and cut-scenes while you proceed with the main story.

This game will be a very wonderful mobile game, unfortunately this game is available only in South Korean Region. If you want to play this game, you need a VPN with South Korea Region and a translation app since this game only support Korean.

Previously Exos Heroes has released its Closed Beta Test for Android and many tester gave feedback about the combat system, some bugs and errors. Since Exos Heroes is officially released now, there are many improvements compared to the Closed Beta Test.

If you want to try the game you can download it from the link below, or if you need some more information related to this game you can visit its official site.

Download Link:

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