Forza Street is Available Now

Forza Street is Available Now

Forza Street is Available NowForza Street, a new car racing game developed by Microsoft Corporation is available now. You can download it from the Google Play Store for Android users, and also Apple App Store for IOS users (Link Below). This game has opened pre-registration events since a couple of months ago, and now you can try and enjoy the game.

Forza Street brings new gameplay for a car racing kind of game. In most car racing games you are able to control the direction of the car, but in this game, you will face a little bit different gameplay. Your job is just press, hold and release the car’s pedal at the right time and also use the turbo. While for the direction, it will be handled automatically. Moreover, when you are in the middle of the race, you will be provided with some great camera angles, so your race will look very amazing.

The advantage of this system is that you don’t have to worry about your driving skill, but you only need to focus on the pedal and the turbo while you enjoying the thrill of the race.

If you are interested in the game and want to try it, you can download it from the link below, and please provide at least 2GB phone storage.

Have fun

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