FULL Siege Battle! Nexon “Wars of Prasia” First Teaser: Storyline, Gameplay, and Release Date

Wars of Prasia Nexon release date

Behold! Project ER by Nexon has now transformed into “Wars of Prasia”: your next promising cross-platform MMORPG. Check out the following updates for the first teaser of “Wars of Prasia”, including its storyline, gameplay, and release date.

Nexon Releases First Teaser of Project ER: “Wars of Prasia”: Storyline, Gameplay, and Release Date

On June 3, Nexon finally released the first teaser of their upcoming project, “Wars of Prasia”. Formerly known as Project ER, “Wars of Prasia” is a brand-new IP-based MMORPG with large-scale combat, available in both PC and mobile versions.

Wars of Prasia Nexon release date
“Wars of Prasia” by Nexon

The Primary Storyline

Along with its first teaser, Nexon also released documentary footage behind the making of “Wars of Prasia”. In the video, Nexon CEO Lee Jung Heon officially explained the meaning behind “Wars of Prasia” and the game storyline.

According to Lee Jung Heon, “Wars of Prasia” tells the story of the legendary tale of the Prasia Kingdom. The game will show you the true meaning behind the kingdom’s war history and how the humans have spent most of their lives fighting to escape from the Elves’ domination.

Wars of Prasia Storyline
Wars of Prasia Storyline

Nexon “Wars of Prasia” Basic Gameplay – SIEGE!

Further in the explanation, CEO Lee Jung Heon also explained that Nexon “Wars of Prasia” gameplay will give a better focus on its “siege” feature.

Siege is the open war feature in MMO games where you build your troops, buildings, and machinery to conquer castles and troops of other players. Other games with prominent siege battles are Lineage II and Black Desert.

In Nexon “Wars of Prasia”, you will enjoy a full-fledged siege battle within MMORPG, where players fight to conquer a publicly available base. Once you have conquered this base, you must build your own solid offensive and defensive strategies. That way, your base will be able to withstand its 24-hour continuous siege battles.

All Siege Battles in ONE Channel!

On top of everything, what makes Nexon “Wars of Prasia” different from other MMORPG is its optimization to make all siege battles available in one channel only.

In the first teaser of Nexon “Wars of Prasia”, you will be able to see how the siege battles will take place simultaneously in just one channel. Therefore, you will be able to have the premium experience of a full-scale battle with meticulous details and genuine effects.

Nexon “Wars of Prasia” – When is the Release Date?

Unfortunately, as of today, Nexon has yet to announce the official release date of “Wars of Prasia”. However, the development team will give you more glimpses of the game during the annual Nexon Developers Conference (NDC).

Nexon Developers Conference will take place on June 8 – 10, and you can watch them via NDC website here. So, stay tuned at Findurthing.com for more updates and release date of Nexon “Wars of Prasia”.

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