Genshin Impact Features TWICE Logo Reference at Amakumo Peak, Signs for Collaboration?

Genshin Impact TWICE collaboration -
Genshin Impact TWICE Signs for Collaboration -

Are you both a gamer and Kpop fan? If yes, we bear good news! Genshin Impact has shown signs of possible collaboration with a leading Kpop girl group, TWICE, with its logo appearing at the Amakumo Peak.

Genshin Impact x TWICE Collaboration: The Signs

MiHoYo may hide things really well, but true gamers can always crack the slightest signs hidden within any camouflage.

After the previous September release from Genshin Impact, fans started finding TWICE girl group references on the game. So naturally, it brings up the question of whether they’re genuinely signs for possible collaboration between Genshin Impact and the Kpop girl group, TWICE. Or, is it merely a coincidence?

A TWICE Logo Reference Appeared at Amakumo Peak on Seirai Island

Firstly, on September 1, Genshin Impact has just released their 2.1 updates, which opened a brand-new region called “Seirai Island”. Furthermore, there is a place called Amakumo Peak on this island, where you can crack some hidden quests and puzzles to get more treasures.

Now, if you have Genshin Impact installed on your phone/PC, try exploring Amakumo Peak. There, you will find a wooden basement door with a peculiar symbol. While it may look like a snake or plant to ordinary eyes, if you look up the logo of the Kpop group, TWICE, you will find it highly similar. Therefore, TWICE logo reference at the Amakumo Peak is the first collab sign with Genshin Impact.

TWICE Logo Reference at Amakumo Peak of Genshin Impact - Collab? -
TWICE Logo Reference at Amakumo Peak of Genshin Impact – Collab?

“More-and-More” Genshin Impact Buff Food

Next, and the most convincing collaboration sign between TWICE and Genshin Impact, is the new buff food with the name “More-and-More”. While it may look like just another Genshin Impact food buff, the name itself is the same as the 9th TWICE mini-album, “MORE & MORE”.

Besides, this new food will bring a powerful buff by increasing all your party members’ physical DMG by 20 – 40% for 300s (5 min.), which makes it highly significant, reliable, and impossible to miss. That is why some fans believe that this meal is a homage to TWICE.

Genshin Impact and TWICE More-and-More -
Genshin Impact and TWICE More-and-More

As of today, there has yet been any confirmation or statement from MiHoYo regarding possible collaboration between Genshin Impact and TWICE. However, as we all know that the Kpop group has been widely known in the gaming world for various projects such as League of Legends’ K/DA Ahri’s “I’ll Show You” and “Dragon Xeneration: War of the New Century”. Therefore, a future collab is highly anticipated.

Here’s TWICE’s teaser video for “Dragon Xeneration: War of the New Century” back in 2019.

And their most recent promotion for Nintendo Switch in September 2021.

Finally, if you haven’t played the game, Genshin Impact is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

As a bonus, here’s a video for Genshin Impact Underwater Puzzle at Amakumo Peak.

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