Genshin Impact Hidden Quest

Genshin Impact Hidden QUest

Genshin Impact has become one of the most popular RPG game this month. Besides its great graphic and interesting storyline, you can also explore the map for the treasures and some hidden quests. Find and complete the hidden quests to increase your adventure rank, and also to get some great rewards. If you are lucky, you can even get some rare weapons or materials. Since some hidden quests are quite hard to find, in this article we provide you with a list of Genshin Impact hidden quest so you can find and complete the hidden quest easier.


Location: Around Minlin, Liyue
(Look for clues to opening the stone tablet  (0/3)

  • Go to the location and find the Ruin Tablet

Genshin Impact hidden questGenshin Impact hidden quest

  • Interact with the Ruin Tablet

  • Find three keystone tablets around the yellow area
  • 1st Location is inside a Hut (see the picture)

  • There will be a group of monsters around the area. Defeat them, then take the treasure and the 1st stone tablet inside the Hut.

  • 2nd Location (see the picture)

  • Defeat a group of monsters around there, then take the treasure and the 2nd Stone tablet.

  • 3rd Location is inside a ruin (see picture)

  • There will be two Golems guarding the area. Defeat them then go to inside the ruin to open the chest and the 3rd Stone tablet
  • The gate to the chest is locked, and in order to open it, you have to light the lantern in front of the gate with the elemental spirit. You can get the elemental spirit, by destroying the orange crystal around that area.

  • Back to the Ruin Tablet location to put the three stone tablets.
  • Next, you will be shown to the treasure locations.

  • Go to the location to complete the quest, and Enjoy the treasures



Location: Around Mingyun Village
Quest: (Look for a will …………………………………(0/4)

  • Go to the location shown in the picture. It is around Mingyun Village

  • You will find an NPC Yuan Hong there. Talk to him.

  • After you talk to Yuan Hong, you have to find a note around the area. You can find the note inside a Hut.
  • Find a Hut shown in the picture, go inside, and find a note there. Read the note.

  • After you finish reading the note, there will be 4 new yellow areas appear on the map. Check the areas.

  • 1st Location: South area
  • Find the entrance of the mine near the pond. Go inside the mine and find the blinking spot, investigate it, then NPC Yuan Cheng will appear. Finish the conversation with him.

  • 2nd Location: West Area
  • Go inside the mine, investigate blinking spot near the cart, and NPC Yuan Hong will appear. Finish the conversation with him.

  • 3rd Location: North Area (see picture)
  • Go inside the mine, you will find a treasure chest and a blinking spot. Investigate the blinking spot, and NPC Yuan Liang will appear. Finish the conversation with him.

  • 4th Location: East Area (see picture)
  • Enter the mine, go deeper, and you will find a pond. Swim to go deeper, and you can see a blinking spot around there. Investigate it and NPC Yuan Qing will appear.

  • After you visit all four locations, a new task “Collect the treasure” and the yellow location on the map will appear.

  • Go to the location shown in the picture, find a tree that stands alone, and a group of monsters will appear. Defeat them, go back to the tree, investigate it, then some NPCs will appear. Finish the conversation with them to complete the quest.



Location: Around Bishui Plain, Liyue
Quest: (Investigate the ruin)

  • Go to the location shown in the picture

Genshin Impact Hidden Quest

  • Find NPC Yan’er at the entrance of the ruin

Genshin Impact Hidden Quest

  • After talking to the NPC, there will be a yellow area appears on the map.
  • Go to the centre of the area, there will be a spot “Incomplete Writing”. Check it.

Genshin Impact Hidden Quest

  • Then, find three dragon statues around the yellow area. Activate all of them.

  • After you activate all of the three statues, go back to the centre, to open the treasure chest.

  • Next, go to the yellow area in Qingce Village.
    Find NPC Little You, talk to her. (location see picture)

  • Then, find NPC Granny Ruoxin inside the house (Location see picture)

  • Talk to her, and then go to the next location to collect the next fragment.

  • The location is at the top of the mountain and you need to climb it.

  • After you reach the location, you will see an INCOMPLETE WRITING again and also 7 Dragon Statues.
  • Among those 7 Dragon Stones, you need to activate 4 Dragon Statues. Activate Dragon Statues number 1, 4, 6 and 7 (see the picture)

  • A treasure chest will appear. Open the treasure, then go to the next fragment location. (see the picture)

  • At the location, you will see an INCOMPLETE WRITING and 5 Dragon Statues.

  • You need to activate all of the 5 Dragon Statues in sequence.

  • A treasure chest will appear.

  • Collect the treasures, then go back to Granny Ruoxin for the next quest.

  • After talking to the Granny Ruoxin, a new Yellow Area will appear on the map. Go to the yellow area, and you will find a waterfall.

  • Go to the bottom of the waterfall, and you can find an entrance to the treasure cave.

  • Go inside the cave, there will be a locked gate. Input the fragment to open the gate.

  • After you open the gate, enter the cave, and you will see a Panel. Start the panel, and there will be a group of monster appear. In this phase, you have to defeat the monster while protecting the panel.

  • The success key in this phase is that you need to take the monster’s aggro by attacking them, then take them away from the panel so they will not damage the panel. While you are attacking the monster, you also have to check the panel’s HP. If its HP is decreasing, there must be a monster that attacks it. Take the monster’s aggro again by attacking the monster.

  • After you complete all three phases, go to the next room, to the treasure room.

  • Enjoy the treasures. Go deeper for another treasure chest.
  • The last step is to go back to Granny Ruoxin, talk to her to complete the quest.



Location: Around Guili Plains, Liyue
Quest: Head to Guili Assembly to search for an ancient stone tablet (0/5)

  • Go to the Guili Plains (see picture), find NPC Soraya and talk to her to trigger the quest.

  • After talking to the Soraya, a yellow area will appear. Find activate five stone tablets located in the yellow area. (See the picture)

  • After you find the five tablets, back to Soraya’s location and talk to her again.

  • Two new yellow areas will appear. Check them for the next two stone tablets.

  • At the 1st yellow area, you need to burn the barrier so you can enter the ruin to find the stone tablet.

  • At the 2nd location, you have to defeat the monster around the stone tablet, then you can investigate the stone tablet.

  • After you finish checking those two locations, back again to Soraya’s location, talk to her for the next clue.
  • After the conversation with Soraya, then you have to see Soraya at the Wangshu Inn (see picture).

  • She is located on the top floor of the inn, you can get there by climbing the stone, or you can use an elevator to get there easier.

  • A new yellow area will appear. Check it, and you will find the first “Ruin Writing

  • For the next task, you have to find the other three writings. (Check the picture)

  • After you find all writings, back to Soraya at the Wangshu Inn. Talk to her for the next clue.
  • Go to the last ruin (see picture).

  • Turn on the mechanical system of the ruin, and three guards will be awakened. Defeat all three guards to go to the treasure location.

  • After you defeat all three guards, the water in the pool will be drained out and you can see the treasure chest at the bottom of it.

  • Open all of the treasure chests, then go back to Soraya at the Wangshu Inn to complete the quest.


Location: Around Tianqiu Valley, Liyue
Quest: Unlock the secret of Tianqiu Valley

  • Go to the location (see picture), find an ancient tablet, then read it to trigger the quest.

  • Complete challenges in three different ruins

  • Go to the 1st ruin, activate the challenge panel.

  • The challenge in this ruin is to defeat all enemies in a certain time.

  • In this ruin, there are three floors available. So, after you complete the challenge on the first floor, go to the second floor, and the third floor and complete the challenge in each floor

  • After you complete all the challenges, take the stone tablet and the treasure chest on the third floor.

  • Next, go to the 2nd ruin and activate the challenge panel there.
  • The challenge in this ruin is to reach the top floor. In this challenge, we recommend you to take your main char with Earth element to help you climb the floor easier.

  • At the top floor, you will find the 2nd stone tablet and also the treasure chest. Open the treasure chest, and take the stone tablet.

  • Next, go to the 3rd ruin, then activate the panel.
  • The challenge here is to light all the torches on every floor. We suggest you use Amber to light the torch
  • It is a little bit tricky here. In order to light all torch, you have to light them in the correct order. (check the picture)
  • For the first floor, you need to light the torches in this order.

  • After you clear the first floor, go to the 2nd
  • In the 2nd floor, the challenge is still the same. You have to light all the torches in the correct order. (Check picture)

  • Next, go to the 3rd. The challenge here is the easiest. you only need to light all 8 torches that hanging on the wall.

  • After you light all the torches, a treasure chest and the third stone tablet will appear. Take them.

  • Then, go to the monument near the ancient tablet and put all three stone tablets.

  • A group of the enemy will appear. defeat them to complete the quest and for the three luxurious chests





Genshin Impact hidden quest

Genshin Impact hidden quest

Genshin Impact hidden quest


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