Goddess of Genesis – GOG Reroll Guide

Goddess of Genesis (GOG) is a hero collecting game, with a turn-based battle system. There are more than 40 heroes/units available to collect through Gatcha system. Since this game uses Gatcha system, you really need your luck in order to get your best units for your team. Fortunately in the beginning of the game, after you finish the tutorial, you will get a 10-summon ticket as the pre-registration reward. You can use this ticket to get the best units as your starter team. If you can’t get your best units, you need to do some rerolls so you can do the summons again until you get what you need. How to do the reroll in this GOG game? Here is the GOG reroll guide.

  1. At the first time you enter the game, use Guest Account to loginGOG Reroll guide
  2. Finish the tutorial (You can skip the story to speed the tutorial up)GOG Reroll guide
  3. After you finish the tutorial, you will be able to access the main menu
  4. In the Main menu, go to your mail (Left Side) claim the pre-registration rewards. (There should be a 10-summon ticket as one of the pre-registration rewards)
  5. Do the 10 summons in the summon menu. Choose the Guaranteed 5 star unit. (You can skip the animation if you want)GOG Reroll guide
  6. If you don’t get the units/heroes that you want, exit the game.
  7. Go to your phone setting, Application Manager, find Goddess of Genesis App, and Clear the data.
  8. Re-enter the game, and don’t forget to use Guest Account to login the game.
  9. Repeat the steps, until you get the units/heroes that you want.
  10. If you get units/heroes that you want, you can back up your account by binding your game account to your Google Account, or your Facebook Account.

Those are the steps of GOG Reroll guide. However, this guide requires you to clear and re-download the data again and I think the data required is quite small. If you need a tier list guide for this game, you can visit: Goddess of Genesis Tier List Guide.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. Doesn’t work.
    It still login to previous guest account

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