Google’s New Fuchsia OS Available on Pixelbook

Fuchsia OS available on Pixelbook
Fuchia OS
Fuchsia OS available on Pixelbook
Fuchia OS

Google’s new Fuchsia OS available on Pixelbook now. We know that Google has been working for a new Operating System since a year ago. It is believe that this new Operating System will replace the previous Operating System, Android and Chrome OS.

Unlike Android and Chrome OS, this new operating system use Magenta kernel which is a microkernel instead of full Linux kernel. Microkernel will be used for the future mobile operating systems, as they have the potential to bring faster performance. There is still no idea what Google real purpose for this new OS. Some speculated that this new OS is a combination between Android and Chrome OS.

After some mysterious news about this new Fuchsia OS, now Google has released tools for developer to install and try Fuchsia on a Pixelbook. Beside Pixelbook, this Fuchsia OS can also run on the Acer Switch 12 and Intel NUC.

The installation process for Fuchsia seems complicated. We need two machines. One machine is used as a target and runs for Fuchsia while a second machine as a host. It is called “Paving”. The installation guidelines recommend to install Fuchsia with a USB drive.

After releasing this Fuchsia Operating System, It is opened for the developers community to help build, test and evolve this new OS.



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