How to Get Gold Fast in WOD

If you are a true MMORPG player, then you would agree that gold is one of the most essential factors in determining your success in the game. But you have to admit, farming gold is extremely challenging especially in this World of Dragon Nest. As a matter of fact, there are still plenty of ways to farm gold, and we’re going to give you some guide about it. So here are some tips on how to get gold fast in WOD (World of Dragon Nest)

QuestsGet Gold Fast in WOD

The first way how to get gold fast in World of Dragon Nest is by finishing the quests. It is not only the main quests but also the side quests and area quests. Side quests will also give you gifts to improve your friendship points, to unlock emoji or get red diamonds.

Daily MissionsGet Gold Fast in WOD

The second one is by finishing all the Daily Missions or at least you finish the mission until you reach the first stage which is seven missions, and you will get an extra 56k Gold as the reward. After you complete the second stage (10 missions) you will be rewarded 10 Red diamonds and on the third stage (15 Missions) you will be rewarded a random Gear.

Special Dungeon (Gold)Get Gold Fast in WOD

In this Special dungeon, you have to kill as many crazy ducks as you can within one minute. The more you kill the ducks, the more gold you will get. You can only enter this dungeon once a day. Or you can use 300 red diamonds to reset it, but if you are a free player we suggest you not to do that.

Sailing, Fishing, and GatheringGet Gold Fast in WOD

When you do the sailing, fishing, or gathering you will have a chance to get an item that can be sold for Gold. You can find items like Plastic Bottle (5K Gold), Crystal Starfish (20K Gold), Rainbow Coral Reef (30K Gold), or Golden Grasshopper (10K Gold).

Crazy Duck CoinGet Gold Fast in WODGet Gold Fast in WOD

This Crazy Duck Coin is also an item that you can sell for gold. You can get it from the guild mission rewards. Finish all the guild mission rewards, and if you are lucky you can get a Crazy Duck Coin worth 20k gold.


The next tip on how to get gold fast in WOD is by finishing reputation tasks. Some of these reputation tasks require you to Mine, Gather or kill a huge number of monsters. After you finish the tasks, you will not only get the rewards (Gold and Skill Points) but also additional permanent stats. Take your time to finish this Reputation tasks. You can form a party with your friends to finish the quests faster.

ColosseumGet Gold Fast in WOD

Join Colosseum Battle (PVP) and raise your rank because you can get the Daily rewards and Season rewards from the Colosseum. The rewards will depend on your rank. For now, if you are in the top 100 you will get 10 Red Diamonds and 50K gold as your daily rewards, and also 70 Red Diamonds and 120K gold as your Season rewards.

Red DiamondGet Gold Fast in WOD

Red Diamond is another in-game currency beside Blue Diamond and Gold. You can use these red diamonds to buy some items or material, and also for some gold. This Red Diamond to Gold feature can be accessed from the shop, with a minimum amount of 100 Red Diamonds for 60k Gold.


The last one is by playing at the exchange. You can sell some rare items for the Green Diamonds, then you can sell those Green Diamonds for the gold. This way can be very tricky because you can decide the item’s price on your own so the price can be uncertain.

Those are some tips on how to get gold fast in WOD (World of Dragon Nest). Use this guide to get gold to help you strengthen your character. Enjoy the game and we hope this guide is helpful.

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