How to Increase CP Fast in WOD

There are many players questioning how to increase CP fast in WOD (World of Dragon Nest). CP or Combat Point is your strength measurement in WOD. As you know, some areas require you to reach a certain level of Combat Points, and that is why players will struggle to increase their CP. So here are some ways to increase CP fast in WOD. (For Gold earning guide, you can visit here)

Character Level Up

The main way to increase your CP is by increasing your character’s level. Your CP will increase along with the character’s level. Besides, some features will be unlocked after you reach a certain level. However, there are many ways to increase your character’s level fast. You can find one of them here (How to increase level fast).

Skill Level UpHow to increase CP in WOD

Increase your character’s skills level so they will have a higher effect. You can increase your character’s skills level by using skill points, and you can get the skill points from Abyss Dungeon. However, your skill level cannot exceed your character’s level therefore you need to increase your character’s level first.

Collect Advance Gear

There are two ways how to get your gear. The first one is by crafting them yourself, and the second one is from Dungeon Nest reward. Crafting certain gears need certain materials and certain mastery level while entering a Nest Dungeon need a Nest Dungeon ticket.How to increase CP in WOD

You can collect the crafting materials and the Nest Dungeon tickets from the field. Some crafting materials can only be obtained from the Nest Dungeon. So, when you enter a Nest Dungeon you will have a chance to get crafting materials and also a Gear.

Strengthen Gear

After you collect your gears, you can also strengthen them by increasing their level, enhance, and transcend them. Those features will be unlocked at a certain level, and in order to do that, you also need to collect certain materials.How to increase CP in WOD

  • For leveling up your gears, you need Crystal of Power and you can get those crystals from killing monsters in the field. If you are running out of the Crystal of Power, you can also use your other gears as the materials to increase the gear level.
  • For enhancing your gears, you need an enhancement stone. You can get it from killing a boss monster in the field. The enhancement can fail, depends on what level your enhancement is and the enhancement level can also be transferred to other gears.

You can find those strengthening Gear features in the Smelting Menu.

Battle Mission

Battle mission is like a milestone of your adventure. There are many achievements available in the Battle Mission, and after you finish them you will unlock additional permanents stats. These stats can increase your attack, defend, or HP. Make sure you go for them and unlock as many as you can.How to increase CP in WOD

You can access this Battle Mission feature from the Mission menu.

Dragon Jade

The next way of how to increase your CP fast in WOD is by equipping a Dragon Jade into your Gears. These Dragon Jades can increase the stats of your gears and it will also increase your CP. Besides, you can also grow your Dragon Jade into a new better Dragon Jade by leveling them up using stones.How to increase CP in WOD

Max your Dragon Jade level, upgrade them and don’t forget to awaken those Dragon Jade using Awakening Stone to add more stats to your weapon.

You can access this Dragon Jade feature from Dragon Jade Menu


In this World of Dragon Nest, the function of the mount is not only for a vehicle. These mounts can also give you additional stats that will increase your character’s CP. Choose the best mount that most suitable for your character’s role. If you are an Attacker, you can choose a mount that gives additional stats to your attack, but if you are a tank, choose a mount that strengthens your defense.How to increase CP in WOD

You can get these mounts by summoning them using mount summon tickets. Mostly you will get only the mount shards, but if you are lucky, you can get the mount directly.

Level up your mounts using mount food so they will give you better stats to your character.


The last way to increase your CP is by getting a Pet. This pet system is quite an interesting feature in World of Dragon Nest. You can collect pets, playing with them, and crossbreeding them with other players’ pets.How to increase CP in WOD

So far, there are two kinds of pets available in this World of Dragon Nest which are Cats and Dogs. These two pets give different additional stats and Buff. If you want to have additional Buff of Gold and gathering, you should choose a cat type of pet. While if you want to have additional Buff of Gold and gathering, you should choose a dog type of pet

You can get your pet by buying them from the Shop using blue diamonds, or by crossbreeding them. In order to crossbreed them, your pet level should by at maximum level which is level 10. The higher your pets’ level is, the better stats they have.

Other than that, you can also play with your pet to get a temporary Buff like increase your attack, your defense, or your critical attack. Choose your pet wisely, and if we may suggest, we recommend you to choose a cat type of pet. Cat type of pet will increase the Gold obtained rate from the monster since gold is a very important thing in this World of Dragon Nest game.

Those are some ways how to increase CP in WOD. We hope this guide can help you with your adventure in World of Dragon Nest. If you need other information related to the storyline or characters info, you can also visit the official World of Dragon Nest site. (

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